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The sustainability story of Prosperity Textile

As a large-scale denim fabric manufacturer with 80 million yards capacity, Prosperity Textile is dedicated to push for a sustainable development in denim since founded in 1999, focusing on the eco material, green energy, and clean production. In 2017, 20% of their product sales were from sustainable collections. They have developed a wide range of eco-friendly products, from sustainable cotton to TENCEL™ Lyocell and from recycled polyester to water/chemical-less dyeing, RE+INVENT denim collection.

Andy Zhong, Marketing Director of Prosperity Textile (HK) Ltd
Figure 1: Andy Zhong, Marketing Director of Prosperity Textile (HK) Ltd.

Prosperity Textile is adding recycled cotton as one of the latest highlights to promote the circular economic idea, which is also certified with Recycled Content Standard. On top of that, Prosperity Textile managed to keep the original blue color of the recycled stuff, then they weave this yarn in the weft which exhibits super-nice blue faded cast too. Which is truly vintage and easy-to-identify the recycled concept.

And for the dyes, here comes the CARMINE BLUE, which is their signature free-of-hydrosulfite dyeing technology with pre-reduce liquid indigo.

Prosperity Textile successfully installed 218 KW capacity solar system
Figure 2: Prosperity Textile successfully installed 218 KW capacity solar system on the rooftop of their warehouse.

In July 2016, Prosperity Textile successfully connected a 218 KW solar system on the rooftop of their warehouse to the grid, in 25 years, the average annual electricity generation is 190,000 kWh, reducing CO2 emissions of 198 tons a year. They are also expecting to install another 2 MW solar projects in coming years, to cover more energy use with clean energy.

Prosperity Textile

Prosperity Textile is also acting as a pioneer and choosing the first sustainable innovation in the weaving industry, the brand-new iSAVER™ equipped on R95002 denim by Itema, for its newly-opened Vietnam denim mill. This new technology is able to eliminate completely the left-hand weft waste, allowing to insert the weft yarns in the fabric without the need of additional yarns.

R95002, the second generation of the Itema denim-dedicated rapier weaving machine
Figure 3: R95002, the second generation of the Itema denim-dedicated rapier weaving machine.

iSAVER™ significantly reduces raw material waste, leading to tangible benefits in terms of machine’s efficiency, cost reduction, and energy saving, for the first time in the weaving industry, a sustainable approach when choosing the weaving equipment is now possible, 1000 Kg of cotton per machine per year means 3% of the total raw materials will be saved.

As a result, while the total denim production output at Prosperity Textile in 2017 was increased by 20% to 2016, we have successfully managed to reduce the GHG emission per meter by 5.4%, water and electricity consumption was also down by 11.5% and 7.9% respectively per meter.

Prosperity Textile is a bluesign® system partner and committed to sustainable development. They are closely working with many third-party certification institutions to make sure the claims of production and products are true and accurate.

Prosperity Textile

They have been awarded the certifications of ISO 9001, 14001, Oeko-Tex® 100, OCS, RCS, Textile Security Label, etc. and are also the members of LYCRA EXCHANGE, BCI, COTTON LEADS and SAC.

In April 2015, Prosperity received the awards of Top 5 in energy reduction of CLEAN by Design 2014 from Natural Resources Defence Council and World Bank. And in 2016, Prosperity Textile became the first Chinese denim mill joining the bluesign® system.

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