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Sustainable Apparel Forum 2023 to be held on 16 March

The Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) will spotlight on sustainable apparel manufacturing and green manufacturing technologies in Bangladesh at the latest event.The 4th edition of the Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) will feature 60 renowned speakers and 20 exhibitors on circularity, CO2 reduction and climate action, transition to renewable energy and human rights due diligence.

Sustainable Apparel Forum 2023 to be held on 16 March
Figure: The exhibition, to be held on 16 March at Dhaka’s Radisson Blu Water Garden.

The exhibition, to be held on 16 March at Dhaka’s Radisson Blu Water Garden, has established itself as a showcase event for fashion-sourcing executives in recent years.

The SAF 2023 will bring together apparel manufacturers, government officials and policymakers, green finance professionals, human rights experts, green manufacturing and technology experts, fashion sustainability and sourcing teams, and NGOs working in the fashion supply chains.

Mostafiz Uddin, Organizer of SAF, said, “For years, fashion brands have focused on their own retail operations, but research shows that up to 90% of carbon emissions occur at the Tier 3 level. That’s why events like the Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) are very important, as they provide an opportunity to explore the challenges we can face to reduce emissions and improve sustainability performance.”

He said, “SAF brings together all key stakeholders involved in the fashion and textile industry as well as policy makers and businesses to provide solutions some of the issues that the industry is trying so hard to address.”

“In addition to looking at environmental issues, the Sustainable Apparel Forum 2023 will explore the social context, including better wages and rights for garment workers”, he said.

Mostafiz mentioned that the clothing industry is changing like never before. Sourcing teams are making key strategic decisions, in many cases moving production from China because they want to save costs and reduce their dependence on that country. This represents an opportunity for Bangladesh but only if we position ourselves as a truly green and sustainable alternative.

“At the SAF 2023, we will present our vision for a greener, cleaner, more ethical supply chain to the outside world”, he added.

Laudes Foundation, KDS Group, PDS Limited, Epic Group, Noize Jeans, International Labour Organization (ILO)- Better Work Bangladesh, WaterAid Bangladesh, Oxfam in Bangladesh, Ministry of Commerce, U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh, Delegation of the European Union in Bangladesh, Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh, Embassy of Sweden in Bangladesh, UNIDO, USAID Bangladesh, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), ICCCAD, IDCOL, GIZ, The Apparel Impact Institute, Good Fashion Fund, Enviu, Fashion for Good, SLCP, Circle Economy, Global Labor Institute, Sourcing Journal USA, H&M Group, Bestseller, YKK Corporation, Spinnova PLC, Standard Chartered, Eastern Bank Limited are the even partners.

While event exhibitors are A&E, YKK, Smartex AI, Recover, Reverse Resources, Agroshift Technologies Ltd., Eurofins, DIFE, Vision Spring, Merchant Bay, Green Bud, Shahjalal Poly and many more.

The Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) was created with a vision to influence the apparel industry and make it sustainable in the long run. SAF has been gradually implementing that vision with each edition since its inception.

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