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Sustainable denim trends for Spring/Summer 2020 by VICUNHA

For more than 15 years, the Brazilian denim specialist has been concentrating on sustainable products. With 50 years of experience under its belt, VICUNHA TEXTIL is showing its long-term commitment to continuously and sustainably optimizing the ecological and social aspects of its own production processes.

Sustainable denim trends for Spring/Summer 2020 by VICUNHA
Figure: VICUNHA TEXTIL to launch eco-friendly denim trend by Spring/Summer 2020. Courtesy: VICUNHA

This not only makes VICUNHA the leading player on the South American market – it is also setting international benchmarks as a high-volume producer with an output of more than 20 million meters of fabric per month.

According to a press release, in the spring/summer 2020 season, the focus will be on the ECO line. The sustainably produced BCI cotton used to make the items plays just as much an important role here as the offer of new technologies.

Company’s Managing Director Thomas Dislich said, that “We see the demand for denim evolving well and it is a strong fashion item everywhere.”

Dislich mentioned that “We are a world leader in sustainability and ethical trading, with global knowledge of the denim market. Our Unique Selling Point at VICUNHA is that we make sustainable fashion which we can offer with speed to market due to our worldwide distribution and warehousing facilities.”

Dislich further added that “In both ladies and menswear we have seen a huge amount of business in stretch denim, as the consumer calls for comfort, those with the greatest stretch and recovery have led the way.”

“In ladies wear there is a definite interest in fabrics with drape and fluidity, this has led to an interest in fabrics containing Tencel, lyocell or viscose, this feeds into the luxe leisure theme. For menswear in particular denim that bridge the gap between a jogging pant and a jean have done exceptionally well,” he added.

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