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Swiss Colours 25th anniversary: A long journey of contribution to Bangladesh textile industry

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 17, 2021 in Dhaka. Swiss Colours is one of the largest textile dyes and chemicals supplier in Bangladesh and the sole agent of Huntsman Corporation. Akhtar Hossain, Chairman; Azhar Hossain, Managing Director; Nasir Bin Hussain, Sales Head-Textile Effects of Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd and Showkat Sarker, Country Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects with all the employees of Swiss Colours and Huntsman Textile Effects were present at the anniversary program. About 1000 people from 270 factories including key factory owners took part in the program.

Akhtar Hossain-Swiss Colours 25th anniversary
Figure 1: Akhtar Hossain, Chairman, Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.

Faruque Hassan, President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President of ITET were present at the program.

Akhtar Hossain founded Swiss Colours Bangladesh limited in 1996 with a commitment to provide the best level of textile dyes and chemicals to the Bangladesh Textile industry. It also has a branch office in Chattogram which covers up to two large districts with EPZs.

Figure 2: Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA delivering his speech at the program.

Swiss Colours and Huntsman are currently doing business with more than 350 factories. They have built buyers’ confidence by providing the best quality dyes and chemicals. Swiss Colours provides products and technical services in the textile and garments sector, maintaining a clear and transparent relationship between factories and buyers.

Figure 3: Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President of ITET delivering his speech.

Akhtar Hossain said, “25 years of relationship with the textile industry is built on trust, quality, and effective solutions.”

Azhar Hossain said that in the last two years, Swiss Colours has made drastic changes in quality and service. According to Swiss Colours and Huntsman, with a team of 150 textile engineers, they are giving best technical solutions to the factories.

Figure 4: Showkat Sarker, Country Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects

Dyes and chemicals supply is not only the one-stop service provided by Swiss Colours. Swiss Colours excels in providing affordable and efficient business and technology textile industry solutions. The company has the most experienced technical experts who support the industry with technical knowledge and applications.

Figure 5: Azhar Hossain, Managing Director, Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.

Sohel Rana, Technical Resource Head of Huntsman Textile Effects said, “Swiss Colours consist of a team of six technical experts with over 10 years of experiences who are ready to provide any technical solution to the industry in the field of dyes and chemicals. Supporting the textile industry by providing both technological solutions and products has made Huntsman one of the leading dyes & chemicals suppliers in Bangladesh.”

Figure 6: Nasir Bin Hussain, Sales Head-Textile Effects of Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.

S M Nasir Bin Hussain, Sales Head-Textile Effects of Swiss Colours Bangladesh said, “We are ahead because we are not only selling the chemicals and dyes but we are also providing the technology and solutions to the industry.”

These textile solutions provide color and enhance the aesthetic, durability, and performance of finished textiles, including functionality such as wrinkle resistance and water and stain repellence. In addition, Swiss Colours – Huntsman is focusing on making more sustainable products.

Figure 7: Md. Salim Akhtar Khan, Director of Echotex Ltd.

The textile industry is known for one-fifth of the world’s industrial water pollutants. The industry uses about 20,000 chemicals to make fabrics and many of them are carcinogenic. According to a recent report, textile industries in Bangladesh will produce about 2.91 million metric tons of fabrics generating around 349 million m3 of wastewater by 2021.

Figure 8: Sohel Rana, Technical Resource Head of Huntsman Textile Effects.

Showkat Sarker, Country Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects said, “Huntsman will provide the best sustainable products to the industry through Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.”

Huntsman Textile Effects is one of the global leaders in the development of sustainable, high-performance processing chemicals. “Huntsman will provide the best sustainable products to the Bangladesh textile industry,” he added.

Huntsman is at the forefront of developing sustainable textiles with advanced technology such as non-fluorinated durable water repellence, and eco-friendly digital printing. Their award-winning AVITERA® reactive dyeing technology meets global industry environmental standards and helps textile mills increase yield, improve productivity and reduce processing costs by reducing water and energy consumption. Huntsman operate 13 synthesis and formulation production sites in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Figure 9: Md. Ashraful Alam, Director- Production (Printing), Mosharaf Group.

Md. Ashraful Alam, Director- Production (Printing), Mosharaf Group said to Textile Today, “Swiss Color is the best supplier for their reactive prints and Akhtar Hossain and his team has always supported the industry in solving many technical problems.”

Swiss Colours also provides loan support to the industry. The global supply chain has disrupted since the pandemic began and dyes and chemicals are mainly imported into Bangladesh. Production will be disrupted due to a shortage or delayed delivery of these dyes and chemicals. In this situation, manufacturers borrow dyes and chemicals from other suppliers.

Figure 10: Amal Podder, CIP and Managing Director of Panam Group.

Amal Podder, CIP and Managing Director of Panam Group said to Textile Today, “Whenever manufacturers have problems due to shortage of raw materials or late delivery, Swiss Colours has helped them with loan assistance.”

Md. Salim Akhtar Khan, Director of Echotex Ltd. said to Textile Today, “I hope Swiss Colours and Huntsman will bring more innovative and cost-effective products and will help textile industry to grow further.”

Swiss Color has always been working to help the textile industry in every possible way. Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President of ITET said that Huntsman-Swiss Colours has an important role to play in the development of the Bangladesh textile sector.

Faruque Hassan, President of BGMEA acknowledged the contribution of Swiss Colours in textile industry developments and also said industrialists have been charged higher prices from buyers as prices of everything including yarn and chemical dyes have gone up. Prices of yarn, chemicals, and other raw materials have risen in the global supply chain, leading to increased production costs in garment production. He requested the garment manufacturers to move to cotton blended and synthetic products.

Showkat Sarkar, Country Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects said, “Huntsman is going for some specific growth in Bangladesh such as creating manufacturing facilities or warehousing to reduce lead time.”

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