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Swiss Colours sees Bangladesh to remain hotspot for textile business

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. celebrated its 26th anniversary on 17 November, 2022 in Dhaka

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. — one of the largest textile dyes and chemicals supplier in Bangladesh and the sole agent of Huntsman Corporation — celebrated its 26th anniversary on 17 November at their corporate office in Dhaka.

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. commenced its journey in 1996 with a promise to provide the best level of textile dyes and chemicals to the Bangladesh Textile industry. It has a branch office in Chattogram which covers up to two large districts with the EPZs.

Swiss Colours
Figure: Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. — one of the largest textile dyes and chemicals supplier in Bangladesh and the sole agent of Huntsman Corporation — celebrated its 26th anniversary on 17 November at their corporate office in Dhaka.

In the 26th anniversary event Akther Hossain, Chairman; Azhar Hossain, Managing Director, Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd; Md. Showkat Sarkar, Country Manager, Textile Effect Business, Huntsman Corporation; Nasir Bin Hussain, Sales Head-Textile Effects of Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.; Sohel Rana, Technical Resource Head of Huntsman Textile Effects; Arfan Ali, Area Sales Manager, Textile Effect, SwissColours BD Ltd were present among others.

Akhtar Hossain founded Swiss Colours which is currently doing business with almost 400 factories. They have built buyers’ confidence by providing the best quality dyes and chemicals. Swiss Colours provides products and technical services in the textile and garments sector, maintaining a strong and transparent relationship among factories and buyers.

Expressing cordial thanks to their partners Akhtar Hossain said, “Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. takes pride in giving priority to its customers and looking after their needs, quality and customer service are what distinguish us from others. We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their requirements.”

26 years of relationship between Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. and the textile industry is built on trust, quality, and effective solutions.

Azhar Hossain said that in the last few years, Swiss Colours has made drastic changes in quality and service. With a team of 150 textile engineers, Swiss Colours and Huntsman are giving best technical solutions to the factories.

“Our journey began before 26 years ago by my father and honorable Chairman Akhtar Hossain. During the long path many people contributed us to become a leader in this sector. I want to thank all of them,” said Azhar Hossain.

We can not reach today’s position without the help of our valued customers who always loved us, supported us due to our quality products and services,” he added.

Mentioning a survey report — which was conducted by Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. and Huntsman Textile Effects — Showkat Sarker, Country Manager of Huntsman Textile Effects  said, “Bangladesh is going to be a hub for textile manufacturing. The country is already a hotspot and I believe the challenges we are facing currently in terms of energy and foreign currency are temporary. Bangladesh is still in an advantageous position.”

The textile industry is a big contributor of industrial water pollution as the industry uses about 20,000 chemicals to make fabrics and many of them are carcinogenic. Textile industries in Bangladesh produces about 2.91 million metric tons of fabrics generating around 349 million m3 of wastewater in 2021.

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. is providing sustainable textiles chemicals to the Bangladesh textile industry. Dyes and chemicals supply is not only the one-stop service provided by Swiss Colours,. Swiss Colours excels in providing affordable and efficient business and technology textile industry solutions. The company has the most experienced technical experts who support the industry with technical knowledge and applications.

Swiss Colours consists of a team with technical experts who have over 10 years of experiences. They are ready to provide any technical solution to the industry in the field of dyes and chemicals. Supporting the textile industry by providing both technological solutions and products has made Huntsman one of the leading dyes and chemicals suppliers in Bangladesh.

Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. is not only selling the chemicals and dyes but also providing the technology and solutions to the industry.

These textile solutions provide color and enhance the aesthetic, durability, and performance of finished textiles, including functionality such as wrinkle resistance and water and stain repellence. In addition, Swiss Colours – Huntsman is focusing on making more sustainable products.

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