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Swiss textile machinery exhibition at Irantex makes a strong impression on trade visitors

Switzerland’s textile machinery manufacturers were exhibited at the recent Irantex show in Iran with the help of Swiss Textile Machinery Association (Swissmem) from 4 to 7 September. Thirteen Swiss companies took part in the show, which is the result of a successful symposium held in Tehran last year, said a press statement.

The participated Swiss firms were Jakob Müller, Benninger, Willy Grob, G. Hunziker, Stäubli, Norsel, Retech, Heberlein, SSM, Luwa, Steiger Participations, Saurer, and Drop Chemicals. Most importantly the Switzerland’s ambassador , Mr Markus Leitner  visited Iran, met with the Swiss exhibitors and discussed the opportunities and challenges of doing business with Iran.

Figure: The Swiss textile machinery association’s pavilion at Irantex.
Figure: The Swiss textile machinery association’s pavilion at Irantex.

According to the press release, the exhibition attracted a wide range of participation, and Switzerland’s special pavilion helped its companies making a strong impression on visitors. At the event between the countries different business contacts were enhanced, and some important project negotiations were finalised.

Cornelia Buchwalder, Secretary General of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association said that feedback was very positive. Their companies valued on participation and the quality of business contacts, and the exhibition provided an excellent follow-up to their Iran symposium in 2016.

Benninger area sales director Peter Vormbruck typified the enthusiasm of the Swiss exhibitors and said “We find customer interest in high-quality and technology-driven machinery is very positive. There was even a strong desire to overcome the financial complexities of Iranian industry to take advantage of the imported productsand some very open discussions on technology and opportunities were taken in this important market”.

Quoting the consultant Verena Utzinger the release said, “SERV, the Swiss Export Credit Insurance organization has many years of very positive experience with Iranian buyers. At Irantex we are able to present the available services for transactions between Swiss and Iranian companies, and facilitate talks about the markets, politics and customs of Iran.”

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