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Taipei Bangla, the pioneer to produce specialized knit fabric in BD

Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd has a strong command to produce flamboyant knit fabric as well as dyeing expertise that most of the Bangladeshi fabric manufacturers still not ventured. The challenges of Bangladesh textile industries generally identified the upgrade of new machinery as well as the development of expertise in fabric manufacturing.

Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd
Figure1: A green overview of Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd, which is made in complete shade structure and is 100% export-oriented fleece fabric and yarn dyeing industries.

In this regard, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd is a pioneer and ahead in position for its outstanding fabric innovation and dynamic fabric quality. Recently Textile Today team had a visit to the factory to discover the untold story of exceptional knit fabric innovation and how they motivate the entire team to get expertise in a similar field.

Objectives behind the specialty fabric mill

Bangladesh RMG manufacturer imports immense of exceptional fabric from abroad just to fulfill buyer’s demand for high-end products. To import fabric requires long lead time as well as it has numerous limitations such as MOQ issues and limitation of rectification for any kind of quality problem.

According to data from Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), in 2018, knitted fabrics worth Tk 9,590.41 crore were imported, up 27.69 percent year-on-year. In the first four months to April 2019, imports were Tk 3,629 crore. In 2017, the knitted fabrics import grew 49.16 percent year-on-year to Tk 7,510.62 crore, according to the BTMA data.

Zohir Uddin Ahmed, Executive Director, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd said Textile Today, “Bangladesh fabric manufacturers are not investing for high-end and synthetic fabric because of complicate process and big set up of machinery. But someone has to come forward and take the initiative. In this regard, Sorwar Hossian, Managing Director of Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd has come forward because he thinks different so that he put his greatest venture to produce world-class synthetic fabric locally.”

Synthetic fabric made by Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd

Quality Fleece Fabric: Fleece Fabric is a luxuriously supple fabric with a deep pile for better insulation quality. This is a synthetic insulating fabric made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers.

Generally, fabric manufacturers in Bangladesh are comfortable and familiar with the basic fabric, based on cotton only. But they are not concentrating to make synthetic fabric such as fleece fabrics.

In this respect, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd is an exception to produce various kinds of fleece fabrics made of polyester yarn and finest brush effect.

Types of fleece fabric Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd produces are:

  • Cotton or cotton blended fleece
  • Polyester fleece
  • Lycra spandex fleece
  • Microfleece
  • Polar fleece
  • French terry fleece
  • Slub fleece
  • Sherpa fleece

Modern brush technology

Polyester fleece garments have become increasingly popular because of its soft and fuzzy feel characteristics. The pile surface on both sides of the fleece fabric, meaning each side has a layer of cut fibers is call brush effect.

Brush technology is a major part of fleece fabric manufacturing but for the lacking of technical expertise Bangladeshi mills are not ready to produce Micro fleece and Polar fleece that are made of polyester yarn. Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd has adapted all the technical expertise by modern machinery to produce specialized brushed fabric.

Shearing, cutting off nap @ Taipei Bangla
Figure2: Md. Ashiqur Rahman, AGM (Fabric and Dyeing) is checking the shearing process. Shearing is the cutting off of the nap to give a uniform height on pile fabrics.

To get competency in specialized brush fabric they hired foreign experts who operate all the operations. The foreign experts are not only to operates overall operation rather the objectives of hiring them are to prepare next level fabric experts from the Bangladeshi professionals.

Md. Ashiqur Rahman, AGM (Fabric and Dyeing), Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd, said, “We have many foreign professionals to run the entire operation and to give world-class standard in fabric manufacturing. But the objective of hiring the professionals has long term goal, is to make the team ready for future experts from the Bangladeshi nationalist.”

Quality mesh fabric: Mesh fabric is a type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance. The synthetic fibers of fabric is typified by its lightweight heft and permeable texture. This is typically made of polyester or nylon. Mesh is available in a variety of constructions including woven, knits, laces, or crocheted fabrics.

Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd is specialized for mesh fabric that usually used for sportswear. They positioned themselves as a leading manufacturer and fabric supplier in Bangladesh for Sportswear Mesh Fabric. But they need further new set up of machinery for a complete phase of mesh fabric design and production said D.P.A. Sunil Shanttha, Executive Director, Operation, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd.

Type of mesh fabric Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd produces are:

  • Polyester mesh
  • Nylon mesh
  • Tulle
  • Power mesh
  • Powernet
Zohir Uddin Ahmed, Taipei Bangla
Figure 3: Zohir Uddin Ahmed, Executive Director, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd, in the fabric gallery while showing the innovative Quality Mesh Fabric produced by the strong R&D team.

Dyeing process of mesh fabric

Polyester is an extremely difficult type of fabric to dye, especially if the fabric is 100% polyester. This fiber can be trickier to dye than plant or animal fibers. The hydrophobic nature of polyester fiber makes it difficult to dye.

Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd gains the expertise in Polyester dye both in yarn dye and solid fabric dyeing process. Their foreign experts are the potential to provide flawless quality and various colored fabric.

Md. Ashiqur Rahman, AGM (Fabric and Dyeing), Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd, said, “We are using alternative power source for fabric and yarn dyeing as the natural gas connection still under process but after all the challenges we are able to provide the world-class dyed fabric. We hope, soon the government will allow us to use natural gas and this will be extra miles for us in fabric dyeing”

Taipei Bangla Fabrics dyeing machinery
Figure 4: Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd has modern dyeing machinery for a complete dyeing process in cotton and synthetic fiber.

Why choose Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd for specialized fleece and mesh fabric? 

Delivery in Shorter lead time: In case of fabric import, Bangladeshi RMG factories calculate a minimum of 65 days to in-housed the fabric. This is the biggest reason for long lead time for garment shipment from Bangladesh so the locally made fabric can help to reduce the lead time.

Way to immediate change: Sometime RMG manufacturers need to change the quantity or color and this is usually not possible if ordered abroad but in this case Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd can help to make the changes at a different level.

Partial delivery: Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd can provide partial delivery if needed. Zohir Uddin Ahmed, Executive Director said, “We have a vision for faster delivery so to save time RMG manufacturers can take partial delivery from us.”

Fast response and professional suggestion: Customer relationship is very important for the fabric manufacturer. In this respect, Taipei Bangla Fabrics Ltd. comes forward for troubleshooting or maintenance support if needed.

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