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Talking to global leader in finishing process control, Mahlo

Dhaka Textile Garment (DTG) exhibition is the largest textile garment machineries exhibition held in Bangladesh. This year DTG was held on 12-15 February, 2014. This exhibition is organized by one of the leading textile show organizer Chan Chao International Co. Ltd. Bangladesh Textile Today (BTT) is one of the media partners of this mega show. During exhibition BTT team talked with different exhibitors which will be covered in different issues of Bangladesh Textile Today. In this issue we cover the conversation with Mr. Rainer Mestermann, CEO, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG


BTT: Can you brief on your company and its business in textiles?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: Well, our company is family owned German business founded in 1945 by Dr. Heniz Mahlo with global activities. Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of monitoring, control and automation systems for not only the textile and allied finishing industries but also the paper, foil and coating sectors. We are in textile machineries business almost 70 years; actually next year will be our 70th anniversary. We are specialized in weight straightening technology and process control for textile finishing applications. We have around 200 full time employee worldwide plus large network of local representation for sales and services. So, we are truly global textile oriented machinery manufacturing company.  Our corporate success comes from the perfect interaction between our customers, the Mahlo products, and our people, who are keenly familiar with our customers‘needs.

BTT: Are you going to introduce any new technology on your 70th Anniversary?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: We will introduce complete new generation technology of straightening technology and process control technology, that means hardware & software based platform. These will have advanced features, first of all not only straightening technology but also in terms of commercial data exchange and quality assurance. ITMA 2015 will be a great event for that.

BTT: How do you feel in this exhibition?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: We feel very well in this exhibition and we have an excellent local agent named TooTal Quality Resources. We feel we are at the right spot here. We see very positive investment climate here. We have met a lot of our existing clients and found all are satisfied with our services and most of them are looking for future investment in finishing area.

BTT: Are you happy with the Bangladesh market?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: Yes, off course we are happy with Bangladesh market. We currently see that the energy supply situation is still not stable, but we hope and believe that it will be solve by this year. Then we can make a way for further growth for Bangladesh textile business.

BTT: Which country is making the largest part of your textile business?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: Bangladesh is strong and there are rooms for growth, China has been very strong in recent years, Turkey is particularly strong, Pakistan has a very good business for us, Latin America and some parts of Europe. India as well, but not that much, we think India will be potential in future.

BTT: From your experience what are the difference between textile business of Bangladesh & other countries?

Mr. Rainer Mestermann: Bangladesh certainly has a very long history in textile production that means strong industry with a lot of skill, experience, well established location for textile manufacturing. It has large work force which is very good for garments manufacturing and it has higher level of education in textile field. These make you very interesting country for textile with strong focus on export.

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