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TANATEX launches bio-based micro-encapsulation for cosmeto textiles with TANA®CARE Bio

TANATEX Chemicals introduces bio-based and biodegradable micro-encapsulating technology in the TANA®CARE Bio range. The product TANA®CARE Bio-Slim is the first in this brand-new range of Cosmeto Finishes, delivering improved skin conditions and proven slimming effect, says a recent press release.

Figure: The product TANA®CARE Bio-Slim is the first in this brand-new range of Cosmeto Finishes.

TANATEX has already been successful with the multilayer micelles in the TASTEX® range, and the PU-microcapsules in the BAYSCENT® and TANA®CARE ranges. Their experts now have started a range with microcapsules built from natural polysaccharides (sugars) and polypeptides (proteins).

Not only the wall composition is different, but the mechanism of release as well. Instead of the classical release mechanism of mechanical pressure followed by bursting, these new microcapsules are gradually releasing the active ingredients, triggered through enzymatic breakdown (enzymes on the skin will biodegrade the capsule walls, releasing the active ingredients slowly).

The wash durability of this technology is around 20 home launderings.

The first product to be launched in this new TANA®CARE Bio range is the TANA®CARE Bio-Slim. The slimming effect is performed by using a complex and synergetic blend of cosmetic ingredients, which have lipolytic activity (working on the fat) and venotonic action (activating the micro-circulation), on top they are enhancing skin elasticity, resilience and tightness.

The scientific in-vitro and in-vivo testing at an external laboratory showed significant improvement after 15 and 30 days wearing a treated product.

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