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“Our target is to set clear strategy for manufacturing diversified items”

Bangladesh has got contacts by its strength in textile and RMG industry after independent. It is well known for its cheap labor and certain basic products. But it is the time to change the wind in the flock. Hoorain HTF Ltd is working with the vision to produce a different kind of fabric capable to make special jackets, technical textiles, and active wears as many leading sports brands need a large volume of special textiles.

Ilias Agridiotis, CEO, Hoorain HTF Ltd & JDWL
Figure 1: Ilias Agridiotis, CEO of Hoorain HTF Ltd & JDWL.

Hoorain HTF Ltd, a sister concern of Jamuna Group, is one of the biggest and successful business conglomerates in Bangladesh since 1974. Recently, in a discussion, Ilias Agridiotis, CEO of Hoorain HTF Ltd & JDWL shared his thoughts and plans about Hoorain.

Textile Today: Please share something about yourself for our readers.

Ilias Agridiotis: I have 45 plus years’ experience in the textile industry. I started my career in printing sector in Germany. And I have spent 25 years as a CEO in my last company in Bangladesh. Also, I have a lot of experience in consulting and start-ups in many countries. Now, this is my new challenge to make Hoorain HTF Ltd a premium class company.

Textile Today: Please share your vision of Hoorain HTF Ltd.

Ilias Agridiotis: What is common in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is everyone follows each other, and end-up in having over-capacity. Which I do not want to see here of course. And customers from EU, US take advantage of this by giving less price.

To counter this mentality, we will say to the buyers, in Europe you talk about your social responsibility why not here? Rather coming here you squeeze all the factories for cheap prices. You must follow the social responsibilities in Bangladesh also.

Textile_Today with Hoorain-HTF-Ltd-& JDWL CEO Ilias Agridiotis
Figure 2: Textile Today Team with Hoorain HTF Ltd & JDWL CEO Ilias Agridiotis and Kazi Shafiqul Islam, Head of Business Development & Marketing.

So, my vision is to produce a different kind of fabric which is not produced en-mass in Bangladesh. Like special jackets, technical textiles, active wears, and leading sports brands need a lot of special textiles.

So, diversified products is the secret recipe to secure better prices. This is my target, to progress with a clear strategy. And we have to onboard everybody of this sector as well as all the employees to have a clear idea. This will ensure ownership, and responsibility among all and it will make you 100% successful.

Textile Today: What are the challenges you considering to achieve your vision?

Ilias Agridiotis: I have faced many factors here in Bangladesh, but the organizational complexity put the companies behind. In any organization to reach the target, you must organize your full chain – from spinning to delivery of goods.

Inside the organization, you will need a very good planning department, clinical QC department, top-notch R&D department, these are the key departments which will ensure you are always one step ahead than others.

Also, the good professionals, enough skilled people who know the business very well are not much available. This is another important challenge to achieve the target.

Hoorain HTF Ltd at a glance
Establishment year 2019
Location Habiganj, Sylhet
Production facilities Spinning, Yarn Dyeing, Weaving, Wet Processes and Finishing. (solid, print, yarn dyed)
Capacity 3,00,000 meters (woven fabric) / day
Product range All type of non-denim woven fabrics based on bottom and tops.
Buyers EU, Asian, American
No. of employees 8000  


Textile Today: Kindly give us a short overview of Hoorain HTF Ltd.

Ilias Agridiotis: Hoorain started its production from this year. It has all the newest technology and machinery with a daily capacity of 3,00,000 meters of woven fabric. We have made ourselves like a one-stop solution hub so that, any buyer does not need to source anything from outside. We have 920 looms, full dye-house setup for woven fabric and also the latest digital printing technology. Meaning we can give a customer a comprehensive solution.

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