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Tasmim Zahan Muna achieves STB Black Belt in garment washing & dyeing

Tasmim Zahan Muna a graduate of Government College of Applied Human Science has achieved Setting Transformation Blueprint (STB) Black Belt through her 4 months’ intensive journey of 128 hours of factory skill development training in 8 different courses and an astonishing 128 hours of practical project on ‘Attaining resource efficiency by process redesigning in denim washing.’

‘Setting Transformation Blueprint’ or STB Blackbelt was initiated by Textile Today Training with the groundbreaking aim to craft the ways to transformation. And professionals will go through an intensive journey of Factory Skills Development/Soft Skills Development training and real hands-on problem-solving experience in different particular areas of Textile Industry.

Figure: Tasmim Zahan Muna receiving the STB Black Belt in garment washing & dyeing certificate.

Project Leader Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah, Country Manager, Officina +39; Ex. Head of Washing Denimach Washing Ltd. handed over the certificate of STB Black Belt to Tasmim Zahan Muna at the Textile Today premises.

While Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO; Md. Eousup Novee, GM-HR & Strategy; Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Sr. Manager, Factory Engagement & Sub Editor; Abu Hasnat, Innovation Projects Manager of Textile Today were also present at the event.

Experienced veteran Md. Saiful Islam Khan, General Manager, Denitex Ltd (Washing) was the Industry Supervisor of this project.

Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah expressed that, “Customarily this type of project has two objectives. First, those who are students with theoretical knowledge can connect their knowledge with the practical scenario before entering into the industry and second, the project focuses on some grey areas and delivers propositions for the industry to follow. Muna prepared some statements which can be a positive starter for any factory to follow.”

Nasir Ullah express thanks to Md. Saiful Islam Khan for providing all the backing for the successful completion of this project.

Md. Eousup Novee said “Our project is designed in such a way that with successful completion of the project, it transforms the project executioner and make him/her eligible to handle any situation in their future career life. Muna went through all the steps of our designed process and this will surely have a positive impact on her career. ”

Sanjoy Kumar Saha highlighted the women stigma existing in the society and how Muna, defying all odds, achieved her success.  Saha said, “Being a girl Muna completed eight pieces of training, went to the factory for two months for the project which shows her dedication towards learning. Textile Today Training will always support her in her future learning steps.”

Muna expressed “It was a wonderful journey with Textile Today, I cannot thank enough to Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah and Md. Saiful Islam Khan. And this achievement will aid me in my future career.”

In the 128 hours of factory skill development part, she received training on Textile Fibre, Yarn, Fabric, Knit Dyeing & Finishing, Denim Development & Manufacturing, Product Development, Garments Washing & Effects, Total Quality Management, Project Management & Digital Marketing.

With profitability crisis, Bangladesh’s washing industry has a huge negative impact on the environment as it uses a vast quantity of chemicals and water and eventually ends up in the environment – leading to the pollution of the environmental eco-system. Thus the STB Black Belt in garment washing & dyeing will play a critical role in achieving sustainability.

This project is carried out in Denitex washing Ltd. to find a more economical and practical way of denim washing which will also fulfill the requirement of sustainability. The main goals are to drastically minimize the energy, water, processing time and also chemical cost compared to traditional Denim washing units.

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