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Technology to define future of Bangladesh apparel industry

The future of Bangladesh apparel sector will be defined by the technology as the industry is gradually moving toward the fourth industrial revolution and the global buyers are moving towards tech-driven products.

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In the global fashion industry, the trend is changing every day with the touch of the latest technology and innovation. The future of the industry lies in adoption technology, where Bangladesh is moving, sector people opined.

In the last couple of years, Bangladeshi apparel makers have invested a huge amount of money in introducing the latest technology to improve the quality of goods.

Bangladeshi apparel manufacturers have introduced cutting edge software technology to reduce waste of clothing, laser technology in denim washing and latest technology in washing to reduce environmental impacts.

The prospect of Bangladesh apparel industry is of course bright. Technology can help to increase efficiency, establish sustainability and embrace innovation in the sector,” Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Denim Expert Limited told the Textile Today.

We have already made commendable improvements in safety. Now we need to make the next leap that is shifting to high-value apparel from basic, where technology will take the lead, said Mostafiz.

“We have introduced software in the cutting section, which analyses all the possible angles based on the input of a product measurement to cut the fabric so that it can ensure best uses,” M B Knit Fashion Ltd Managing Director Mohammed Hatem told the Textile Today.

After analysis, the software gives a layout and marker on which the makers will cut the fabric either manually or by an automated system, said Hatem.

It saves times and fabric, which ultimately helps to negotiate prices with buyers with a shorter time, he added.

Meanwhile, foreign experts also stressing on the adoption of technology to remain a top sourcing country to the European Union as well as other export destination.

It is common knowledge that technological changes is one of the key forces that changing today’s’ business world. The change is more felt by the world business people. In remaining a top sourcing country to the European Union as well as other export destinations, Bangladeshi manufacturer has to move for technology adoption.

Access to the technology can bring window for massive industrial development. However, Bangladesh should not be indifferent to the fact that change in nature and organization works brought by the technology can worsen in a quality, which is already a concern in Bangladesh.

However, the sector people said they have already invested huge amount of money and introduced technology to fine tune production process.

“A good number of apparel makers have introduced environmentally friendly and Water Saving Technology to satisfy customers producing good quality products with highest price-to-value ratio,” Faruque Hassan former senior Vice President of BGMEA told Textile Today.

Even my company, Giant Textile Limited (GTL) has installed the I-Master, the latest model from the world’s best Thies Dyeing machine from Germany, which improved quality of goods and attract international buyers, internationally acclaimed and certified, said Hasan, also Managing Director of Giant Group.

I hope, with the tec-driven products Bangladesh will lead the global textile markets and remain as the best choice to source products from here, he added

On the other hand, global experts opined that access to the technology is the key to further advancement of Bangladesh industry.

Meanwhile, Technology is helping Bangladesh in a great way to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In washing of denim and dyeing of fabrics, we have introduced technology, which is very effective to reduce the use of water and ensure of hazard-free discharge of biochemical, said the sector people.

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