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Technology to follow in Texprocess 2017- Vomatex heat resistant foams, felts and textiles

German products enjoy a very high reputation at the international clothing industry. Germany based high quality ironing covers technology provider VOMATEX is going to present the wide range of heat and pressure resistant foams, felts and textiles at the Texprocess fair which will be held in Frankfurt a.M, Germany, from 9-12 May 2017.

Vomatex stall in previous Texprocess exhibition
Figure: Vomatex stall in previous Texprocess exhibition

The company has informed that since 1968 the VOMATEX products are mainly being used on industrial ironing tables and presses as well as fusing machines in clothing factories. Besides, these articles are suitable for many other applications like textile bonding, fusing, thermo transfer printing and bending in industries like shoe, glass, aluminium, furniture, advertising and many others.

The release informed that today when the ironing covers market faces worldwide competition, especially by new suppliers from China, but all attempts to reach the superior price/cost ratio of high German quality covers from VOMATEX failed so far.

The company has informed that when every international clothing factory and machine manufacturer is looking for a cost saving purchase of ironing covers, but cheap imitations are no solution. They do not last as long as VOMATEX high quality products and they quickly lose shape, elasticity and permeability, which is corrupting the look and the value of the clothing. Moreover inferior imitations cause more machine breakdown time which disturbs the continuous production process and costs more money than saved at the cheap purchase.

VOMATEX is available in Texprocess in hall 6.0, booth B 60.

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