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Technology is key to diversify denim products

In bringing diversification in the denim manufacturing, experts suggested Bangladeshi denim makers introduce the latest technology and innovation to meet the quick changing fashion lover’s demands.

Diversification of Denim Products
Figure: ‘Diversification of Denim Products: Role of Technology’ seminar held in Dhaka.

Technical experts and leaders in denim innovation came up with the observation at a seminar titled ‘Diversification of Denim Products: Role of Technology’ held in Dhaka in January 2019.

“In wake of the rapid change in fashion trend, buyers are in frantic search for innovative and trendy forswears to meet consumers demands. So, it’s a timely demand for increasing the products quality and to bring variety,” Mostafiz Uddin, Managing Director of Denim Expert Limited said, who attended the seminar as the special guest.

“I will emphasize two things – innovation and sustainability. Nowadays, sustainability is on huge demands,” Mostafiz Uddin added.

I will talk about innovation and without technology innovation is impossible. In every step of production of denim from fabrics to yarn and finishing, we need to mix different types of ingredients, where technology plays an important role, said Mostafiz, also founder and CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo, an international exhibition dedicated to promoting Denim industry to the global market.

In washing, the key aspects of value addition and diversification of denim products, we are now using laser, 3D technology, he added.

In wake of the rapid change in fashion trend, buyers are in frantic search for innovative and trendy forswears to meet consumers demands. So, it’s a timely demand for increasing the products quality and to bring variety.

Mostafiz Uddin, MD, Denim Expert Ltd. & Founder & CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo

Technology is helping the industry in improving products quality and diversify the products items, said Mostafiz.

Talking on sustainability, Mostafiz said environmental sustainability is a must for the next generation and we cannot make it sustainable without technology.

Meanwhile, apex trade body leader called for new investment in technology upgrading to diversify denim goods.

Bangladesh has turned into a hotspot for denim goods and we are leading the export markets. In grabbing more market share, we have diversified our products line, the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) President Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin said. He was present as chief guest in the seminar.

In diversifying goods and improving products quality, there is no alternative of adapting technology. To this end, we have to make an investment on technology and the government has to provide a low-cost fund for the sector, he added.

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Since the environmental aspects are very important nowadays, in manufacturing denim products environment has to be taken in consideration while implementing any new business goals, said Manik Lal Chowdhury—the Managing Director of Eastman Technocrats  Limited. The company provides technology to the industry and organized the seminar.

While in doing so we have to makes sure that the manufacturers considering the impact of chemicals use upon the environment. To this end, technology is very important, he added.

On the other hand, for quality products technology is providing a solution and we are providing quality machine here in Bangladesh. These are helping to fine-tune the products, he added.

Meanwhile, the uses of water in producing Denim fabric in Bangladesh saw a significant fall as the textile companies introduced the latest technology. While it is also less in washing and dyeing also.

In past, a denim fabric maker in Bangladesh used 280 liters of water for washing a kilogram of denim fabrics, now it came down to seven to eight litter. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies.

Bangladesh is the number one denim goods exporters to the European Union and the third largest in the United States.

According to statistics from the Directorate-General of the European Commission, Eurostat, Bangladesh has earned €917.14 million from exporting denim products to EU countries during January-August period of 2018, which is 4.23% higher from exports earned in the corresponding period of last year.

On the other hand, according to the US Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), from January-September period of 2018, the country saw a 14.20% rise in export earning i.e. $419.21 million, which was $367.10 million during the same period of 2017.

Turkey, the second largest exporter of denim goods to the EU has seen an 11% deficit in earning to €687.28 million, which was €772.93 million in 2017. Pakistan saw a 4.83% rise to €500.56 million, while China’s exports saw a 14.30% fall to €304.79 million, which was €355.68 million in the same period of 2017.

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China, on the other hand, earned 1.3% more than 2017 summing up a $683 million export earnings, while Mexico has seen a 1.08% increase in export from 2017 to $595.40 million. Vietnam, a close competitor of Bangladesh in the US market earned 41.95% more i.e. $205.43 million which was $144.72 million during 2017. While Cambodia saw a 30.85% rise in export to $88.34 million.

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