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Ten key technologies for this month

Today, we live in a world that is driven by technology. We are constantly being shown the latest and greatest. Everything like fibres, fabrics, machineries, applications etc. are being improving day by day.  Like every months the month of July moves toward with copious promising developments and debuting of new technologies. And so here we highlight some of those. So to connect with the outside world to send any related information just email at farhan@textiletoday.com.bd

Ohmatex supplies stretch sensors for wearable applications

Ohmatex, a Denmark based technology and business development company is partnering with Danfoss PolyPower A/S, a designer and manufacturer of PolyPower DEAP smart film and elements, to supply PolyPower® stretch sensors for wearable applications.

The sensors combine PolyPower stretch sensing technology with an Ohmatex textile cabling and connector. It is a high quality advanced development in stretch sensing technology and one of the most unobtrusive and conformable capacitive sensors available, the company reports. The combination of the stretch sensor with Ohmatex textile cabling is said to enhance the comfort and ease of integrating it into textile garments and wearable medical devices.

1Highly elastic allowing for strain or stretch of up to 80%, sensors are coated in a thin layer of silicone rubber and are said to provide accurate measurements of biomechanics – motion sensing, posture, muscle volume and respiration.

Mechanically robust, they possess an easy electronics interface, are soft, comfortable and easy to integrate. The product is also washable depending on characteristics of garment/application. Stretch sensors can be used in wearable applications for sport and fitness, medical, gaming and lifestyle to detect motion, volume, posture and gait.

Teijin develops advanced fabric for high comfort and performance

Teijin Frontier, the Teijin Group’s fibre products converting company, has developed an advanced, high comfort, high density fabric DELTA 2000 that is said to offer excellent performance for use in outerwear.

02DELTA 2000 is the latest addition to Teijin Frontier’s DELTA series of precisely balanced high performance materials suited ideally to sporting applications. The fabric has a distinctive structure comprising a warp of densely and finely crimped bulky yarn and a weft of ultra-thin yarn. According to Teijin, airspaces minimised three-dimensionally achieve 2,000 mm of water resistance, while an aerated fine-waffle structure provides excellent water-shedding performance.

An uncoated fabric, DELTA 2000 is also said to offer excellent moisture permeability, a comfortably soft texture and a luxurious surface appearance. Teijin Frontier expects to develop sport, fashion and uniform applications for the new high-performance fabric.

Crypton Introduces C Zero

03Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based Crypton Inc. — a producer of eco-friendly performance fabrics featuring stain-, water- odor- and microbe-repelling technology — has introduced C Zero, a non-fluorinated performance fabric offering protection from water-based spills as well as liquids such as sodas, coffee and wine. The repellent technology is incorporated into the fabric via a factory-applied process whereby the entire fabric is immersed, treating every fiber, Crypton reports; and the chemistry is cross-linked for durability using high-temperature, industrial dyeing.

C Zero is first non-fluorinated fabric protection and are thrilled to bring it to the marketplace. While Crypton, Nanotex and INCASE are needed for cleaning oily food stains, C Zero offers excellent protection from water-based spills and the opportunity for a higher LEED score, company reports.

DyStar Introduces Remazol® SAM, Realan Black MF-PV

Singapore-based DyStar has introduced two dye products based on patented new chemistry. The Remazol® SAM range of reactive dyes produces pale to deep shades. The company reports the dyes offer a high color yield and buildup, high fixation yield and good fastness levels.

Realan Black MF-PV offers a metal-free dyeing process for wool. According to DyStar, the product provides wet processing fastness that is higher than that offered by its Mordant Black 9 types and Reactive Black 5 types for wool black; and fiber coverage that is superior to that offered by its CI Reactive Black 5 types and Black PV types. Its shade and metamerism are identical to CI Mordant Black 9 types with good buildup. DyStar reports that Realan Black MF-PV is free of alkylphenol ethoxylate and adsorbable organic halides, and is in full compliance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and the Restricted Substances Lists.

Flexsil brand for permanent silver based anti-bacterial protection

4Ag Flex Technologies, an Indian producer of yarns and fibres, is developing a new range of anti-bacterial products that cover various applications from life saving body armour fabrics to wound care dressings and lifestyle products, using a permanent proprietory metallisation technology. The company is working under the Flexsil brand to provide microbial protection, serving military, healthcare, home textiles, sports and consumer markets. Flexsil brand is not a treatment technology and its metallisation technology entails permanent chemical bonding between the substrate (nylon 66) with silver.

The various atoms of nylon get bonded with silver via a process called coordination bonding. The metalized nylon can be in the form of filament yarn, staple, chopped fibre, fabrics or foam. The silver on the surface of the substrate is said to be of highest purity (99.99%). When silver metal on the substrate comes in contact with bacteria or fungi, positive ions of silver are released. The ions first lyses the cell wall, then goes after the respiratory segment of bacteria and finally binds with DNA thereby completely killing the pathogenic bacteria. The company is also offering Smart Shirts having embroidered antennae using Flexsil multi filament silver yarns. The embroidered antennae can be used by devices worn by the user to transmit and receive radio signals or to boost the device’s own transmission range.

TFP announces new range of recycled carbon nonwovens

Technical Fibre Products (TFP), a leading manufacturer of advanced nonwovens, has announced the extension of their current portfolio to include a range of high quality recycled carbon veils and mats. The long term investment in this technology has enabled the development of a range of recycled carbon fibre veils and mats which offer comparable properties and quality to those manufactured with virgin fibre, with the added benefit of environmental sustainability.

5These new materials provide the industry with the means to demonstrate environmental responsibility without compromising on performance, and have already been used by some customers to manufacture components with excellent results.

The company’s recycled carbon nonwovens can be produced from fibre reclaimed from composites by pyrolysis and integrated into a composite structure as a surfacing or semi-structural layer, ultimately providing a viable route for the recycling of fibres previously considered as waste.

Suominen launches Home Spa product range

6Suominen, a leading supplier of nonwovens and flexible packaging, has launched a new range of nonwoven materials for use in cosmetic Home Spa applications such as facial sheet masks, cosmetic pads, patched and exfoliation sheets. The new product BIOLACE Skin was developed in cooperation with Lenzing using its Tencel Skin fibres with unique nanofibril structure.

The combination of Suominen’s nonwoven technology and Lenzing’s Tencel Skin fibres has resulted in a product that is said to have a smooth and silky touch, flexibility and high strength to maintain facial shape and excellent lotion management, the manufacturer reports.

The new Home Spa product range consists of highly diversified nonwoven substrates, featuring unique attributes for applications like facial sheet masks, cosmetic pads, patches and exfoliation. These products can help bring the professional spa experience to consumers in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Human Solutions Develops New 3-D Bodyscanner

Human Solutions Group — a Germany-based provider of 3-D body dimension data, ergonomic simulation and other fit technology — has developed a contact-free bodyscanner to take people’s measurements in 3-D. The bodyscanner features a fully automatic process based on 3-D depth sensor technology and uses optical triangulation — featuring infrared light and 12 sensors — to scan a person’s body and create a scanatar whose body dimensions match exactly those of the person being scanned. The scanatar may then be virtually dressed using Human Solutions’ Vidya simulation software.

According to Human Solutions, scan time is only one second; and the scanner system itself is compact, taking up only 3 square meters of space and weighing 30 kilograms. The company reports the bodyscanner is particularly suited for virtual try-on by customers in retail apparel stores.

BASF’s new high performance insulating material SLENTITE

SLENTITE is an organic, polyurethane based aerogel that owes its special product properties thanks to its nano-porous structure. 7Adopting a new chemical approach for high performance insulating materials, the research team of Dr. Marc Fricke, Advanced Materials & System Research, presents SLENTITE, a product that not only features extra low thermal conductivity, but is also available for the first time as a solid panel. It allows insulation 25 to 50 % slimmer than conventional materials for the same insulation performance.

AT the same time, thanks to its open porous structure, the panel has outstanding moisture regulation properties. For architects and house builders, SLENTITE offers a high degree of design freedom, be it in modernisation of old buildings or the construction of new ones.

Smart ’belly band’ could monitor high risk pregnancies

Tummy hugging maternity wear could soon be giving expecting parents peace of mind in addition to stylishly securing waistlines, according to researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA. The researchers are combining fashion design with wireless technology to produce a belly band that will be able to monitor uterine contractions and foetal heart rate in real time. The band will be undergoing clinical trials this summer.

The band, which is in prototype production at the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory in Drexel’s Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center, could be used to monitor high-risk pregnancies, women near their due dates or as a quick, non-invasive procedure during a routine check-up, according to Owen Montgomery, M.D., head of obstetrics and gynecology at Drexel’s College of Medicine, one of the researchers working on the project.

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