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Ten prominent technologies showcased in DTG 2015

‘Textile and clothing industry is playing the most dominant and expanding role in the Bangladesh economy. Although it is running through a very rough phase from last month marked by political unrest, the Bangladesh’s textile machinery investment climate has shown signs of improvement. Because a good number of order placement has been seen in this exhibition,’ stated a BTMA representative. Leading international and the largest fair in Bangladesh of textiles and garment technology, machinery and spare parts, the Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG 2015), has been completed successfully from February 04 to February 07 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in the capital city of Dhaka. Being the largest textile machinery and technology show in Bangladesh it has swelled even further with 900 exhibiting companies taking up more than 1000 booths showcasing state of the art machineries and technologies, attracting more than 30,000 international and local business visitors.

Chief Guest Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, MP and Finance Minister, formally inaugurated the 12th edition of this mega event highlighting the importance of textile industry for its contribution to the country’s economy. The aim of the fair was to introduce the latest machines and technologies to enterprises running in the textile and garment industry, in order to notify them with the latest movements in manufacturing of textiles and garments. And leading international textile and garment machinery brands such as Barudan, CTMTC, Fong’s, Groz-Beckert, Jakob Muller, Karl Mayer, LMW, Loepfe Graf, Lonati, Oerlikon, Pai Lung, Picanol, Rieter, Santoni, Shima Seiki, Stoll, Tajima, Terrot, Thies, Truet zschler, Zimmer and many more was displaying their latest products at the show. Exhibitors observed the variety of machineries and tools including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing-printing and textiles finishing technologies, as well as textiles testing and washing equipment and embroidery, sewing, cutting room technology and other related equipment during the four-day event. The immense event was jointly organized by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Chan Chao International Co., Ltd., and Yorkers Trade and Marketing Service Co., Ltd., Hong Kong.

DTG not only provided the opportunity for an excellent gathering of the international suppliers and buyers to expand business to global markets, but also brought in foreign investment and provide diverse and driving force to production and economic growth of Bangladesh. Most of the participants were satisfied with the performance and fruitful outcome of the exposition, and 95% of the exhibitors showed interests in participating DTG 2016. All 16 exhibition halls was crowded with professional visitors and buyers who came to place orders, make inquiries and learn about the latest industrial technologies. Nearly a thousand machinery were sold during the 4-day events, total of US$200 million on site orders was received, and are likely to receive more as a result of the exhibition. Throughout the four days of the exhibition, BTT teams have investigated the exhibition to find out key technologies and solutions showcased for giving a brief to its reader. Among many technologies BTT finds below stated technologies to be praiseworthy enough to be cited here.

Fong’sMIDITEC 3-2T’High Temperature Dyeing Machine

Fong’s Group is one of the leading machine suppliers in Bangladesh, has been running with textile industry worldwide to serve their customers in a swift and proficient way. They have accomplished competitiveness, which has set way for global leadership and superiority in the textile machinery business. Like so many other exhibitions, Fong’s contributed at DTG 2015 with their new technology. During the exhibition, it presented its achievements and latest technology in their booths where machines were displayed to apparent Fong’s one-stop complete solution for pretreatment, dyeing, after treatment and water treatment.In addition, the MIDITEC 3-2T’ high-temperature dyeing machine, which has been recognized for the most efficient and eco-friendly dyeing equipment with 500kg capacity in the market. Its exclusive nozzle design keeps the fabric in relax state, reduces crease marks and twisting of fabric.

IMG_8371Both precise and circulate dosing functions are available, most suitable for pale to medium shades and salt sensitive colors. Often used in recipe with salt dosing after dye.Capable of dyeing high density, crease mark sensitive fabrics, such as 40S/2, 26S/1, 20S/1 etc. It is also capable to decrease defective rate when dyeing sensitive colors. The machine can dye sensitive fabrics like micro modal and viscose as well as synthetic fiber and blend fiber products. It has fully automated dyeing control system, with advanced analogue dosing, achieves excellent levelness and repeatability. One of the mainadvantages of this machine is no worries of laboring cost or stopping the machine for cleaning filter. There can be about 15 minutes time save in production. It has FC30 Program Controller. So colour display with consumption report, navigation and liquor-deduction functions. Fuzzy Logic temperature control deviation down to ±0.3°C whereas running liquor ratio down to 1:1.4 (excluding pick up of fabric).

SYSTEA ‘Micromac ECO’ on-line analyzer for COD, BOD, pH and TSS

SeasteaItaly based SYSTEA S.p.A. develops, manufactures and sells worldwide integrated solutions for analysis and on line monitoring of complex chemical compounds in surface water, drinking water, waste water and sea water. At DTG they introduced their new innovation Micromac ECO’ on-line analyzer to measure in the same unit COD, BOD, pH and TSS. MICROMAC ECO is a microprocessor controlled on-line analyzer, specifically designed for automatic monitoring inside WWTP. It isdesigned for industrial and environmental on-line applications, it ensures the highest level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components. With a complete separation between electronics and hydraulics and a simple and robust hydraulics allows long term and reliable operations.The analyzer performs automatic calibration, the new calibration factor is checked and accepted if inside acceptance limits.

COD is measured SAC direct reading at 254nm, turbidity compensation at 550nm as per DIN 348404-3, correlation with COD by known calibrant, this version can measure TOC as alternative to COD. BOD is measured by direct fluorimetric measure (Tryptphan like), excitation at 250nm and measure at 360nm, correlation with BOD by a known Tryptophan calibrant, correlation factor to be confirmed/adjusted on site. Turbidity is measured at 850nm as per ISO 7027, calibration with a known formazine standard, correlation with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) to be established on site. pH is measured through a pH combined electrode in flow through cell at controlled temperature, results are given as pH at 20°C or 25°C.

Terrot 4 colour striper Machine ‘S4F 348’

176___SelectedTerrot is one of the leading manufacturers of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines worldwide. experience makes the difference’ on this motto Terrot exhibited at DTG 2015 with their special technology4 colour striper Machine S4F 348 – DIA 30” GG 24 for home textiles, sport- and leisurewear. The machine series combine the traditional attributes of functional safety and outstanding reliability with further improved Terrot striper technology. You will get maximum processing variety with nearly unlimited pattern- and colour possibilities – especially for sensitive yarns due to the combination of the Terrot-Striper-System with different kind of bonding structure technologies. By using the multi-colour technology, it is possible to process up to 8 yarn colours in a single length of fabric. A never afore attained extend of universality includes the further processing of even the most sensitive yarns and threads. The technology of the thread change takes place with one lay-in finger for every colour thread. Every lay-in finger is equipped with a combined clamping device as well as a cutting device which guarantees very precisely clamping and cutting of the threads. Therewith this striper technology is in comparison to competitors able to process all current thread qualities, and in particular the for striped fabric used synthetic yarns that are in line with the trend. It has a feature of motorized fabric take-down with 3-roller and automatic winding up device as well.

Tonello presents ‘Mago’: a new remote assistance service.

tonello_mago_schemeAfter the participation at Bangladesh Denim Expo last November, Tonello was in Dhaka again at DTG, premiering its first big news of 2015: Mago. This innovative remote assistance service allows Tonello to always work side-by-side with its customers, wherever they are, just as if it was there on site. Mago can be easily installed on every Tonello machine equipped with a PC or a PLC, being a dyeing machine, the ECO free system or a laser machine and allows Tonello staff to solve any possible malfunction or, even better, to prevent them in record time.

With Mago, customers connect directly with Tonello Research Center expertsand receives customized consultancy on how to treat the garment. This service is what makes the difference compared to a standard remote assistance. It can solve any problems from afar, either with assistance or on your own, and perform rapid diagnostics of the software installed on the Tonello machines, checking the alarms record and analyzing the warnings. It can check and adjust optimal operation parameters. It can also constantly monitor production, consulting machine reports in real-time. It’s obvious that all these advantages are translated in a huge saving of time, an optimization of the production (machines are never idle and are employed to their full potential), therefore in a big economic advantage. In addition to Mago, Tonello showcased at DTG 2015 one of its latest developments: ECOfree, the washing revolution.

James Heal ‘Titan5 Universal Tester’

James-Heal-Titan-Universal-Strength-TesterLike previous sessionthe exhibition was very well attended with an excellent footfall of high quality visitors to the James Heal stand which was shared in partnership with their local representatives in Bangladesh, Overseas Marketing Corporation (Pvt.) Limited.

Of exceptional interest to visitors to the James Heal / OMC stand was the Titan5 Universal Strength Tester, for textiles, non-wovens and leather. Titan is used for a variety of tests such as tearing, seam slippage and stretch & recovery. They have substantially increased the tension and compression capacities of the latest model of universal strength tester. The Titan5 now provides the capacity to accommodate tests up to 5000 Newtons (5kN). This increase in capacity, in conjunction with the existing and new enhanced range of tooling, intuitive software and automated processes, gives laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests offered. With this instrument laboratories will be able to comply with more standards and perform a wider array of tests on a wider range of product types.

A further innovation on the Titan5 are the quick change load cells, which are available up to 5000N capacity, and also have an auto-recognition facility.  This design innovation make the process easy, quick & efficient – as can be seen on the left, offering the potential to increase efficiencies and laboratory through put.

Visitors were also interested in news of the latest model of the James Heal Martindale 1309, Elmatear, TruBurst and GyroWash. At the exhibition members of the James Heal team had the opportunity to meet many existing customers to finalise current projects and to discuss new ones. Meetings were also held with several potential customers to discuss their needs for Textile Testing Instruments and Test Materials. Simon Dakin, the International Sales Manager at James Heal commented, ‘It is very encouraging, during the political instability inside the country, to witness the increased confidence of those within the textile industry and a return to stability and normality. It is extremely beneficial to meet representatives from some of the most well equipped and leading edge testing laboratories that can be found anywhere in the world’.

 Mahlo‘Orthopac RVMC’: quick and accurate straightening unit

MahloAt the DTG 2015 Mahlo welcomed their customer in a joint booth with their honored partners. Tootal Quality Resources Ltd. with a quick and accurate straightening unit Orthopac RVMC.The classic straightening unit but with the most modern technology. The “intelligent” scanning system together with a precise straightening unit detects and eliminates skewing at high speed. An Orthopac RVMC combines the functions of an RVMC straightening unit with those of the Optipac VMC process control system in one package! It takes advantage of the savings potential resulting from alternative and / or parallel use of common components. The software packages for Orthopac FMC and Optipac VMC remain self-contained. The basic construction of the modular concept uses essentially the Orthopac straightening machine as a basis. Its application areas are including at the feed end of a stenter, at the feed end of a levellingstenter, on decatisers, ahead of a printing machine, between an open width washing machine and drum dryer, on coating ranges ahead of the coater, at the feed end of a flame laminator and at the feed end of wide compactors for knitgoods. Another focus of Mahlo was on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC and the drum dryer control system Atmoset SMT.

‘Silicone and oil free compressors’ by TRIDENT agency to get the ultimate air quality

compair_dh_loresTridentent Agency is the only specialized company in Bangladesh supplying air compressors, high pressure Gas compressors, Nitrogen generation plants, Filtration systems, vacuums and all necessary Ancillaries. It covers marketing, high quality servicing and operating costs for a broad range of applications. In the exhibition Trident exhibited silicone free and oil free compressors D132 RS (D series) that has running capacity of 11.25 m3/min to 42.30 m3/min. It motor power ranges from 75 kW to 300 kW. Compressor range is D75 to D275. Its excellent efficiency at any level of demand cuts energy costs and saves money. It has high quality IE 3 electric motor and offers high ambient temperature of up to 450C. Trident brought also centrifugal compressors (Model: Quantima)- a dynamic oil-free compressor that has running capacity over 26.7 m3/min to 52.7 m3/min. Motor power ranges 150 kW to 300 kW and it can save energy up to 24%.

Shima Seiki latest knitting solutions ‘MACH2SIR’

Sheima shiekiJapanese computerised knitting machine producer, Shima Seiki participated with their latest solutions in knitting. They include the MACH2SIR, which according to Shima Seiki offers tremendously high productivity worthy of its ‘MACH’ name. With a maximum of 40 intarsia carriers, MACH2SIR features the largest number of intarsia feeders available. With a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second in combination with the new R2CARRIAGE System, it achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, dramatically improving efficiency and productivity in intarsia production. Previously, programming for knitting with so many intarsia carriers used to be a challenge, but that issue is solved with the latest automatic yarn carrier setting software on SDS-ONE APEX3 design system.

Another machine on display is the SVR122, which is its latest model and workhorse machine. High productivity is achieved with a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second, as well as with the R2CARRIAGE System that achieves quicker carriage returns. SVR122 features the latest Shima Seiki technology, such as Digital Stitch Control System, full-time spring-loaded sinker system, stitch presser, yarn gripper and cutter and takedown comb among others. With SVR, Shima Seiki says, it establishes a new benchmark for shaped knitting.

Piconol ‘OMNIplus Summum’, the new standard for profitable airjet weaving

PicanolWith OMNIplusSummum, Picanol came to DTG 2015 and presented a truly new generation of airjet weaving machines, combining the latest available technology with over 30 years of experience in airjet weaving. A completely new electronic control platform, integrating state-of-the-art hard- and software, has been combined with a revolutionary new insertion system.

Picanol Blue Box is the new electronic platform for Picanol weaving machines. It features superior microprocessor performance and memory capacity, a design constructed to meet the hardest working conditions, with state-of-the-art components and detection technology, remote check-up possibility, a modular build-up and offering the user many monitoring tools. This new platform is superior to any existing system on the market.

The new insertion system, with fully electronic pressure regulators, a separate and integrated air tank for each weaving channel and a unique triple air tank set-up for the relay nozzles, offers many advantages in terms of user-friendliness and flexibility. The integrated BlueBox concept, which translates all the available data into optimal settings for maximum performance at lowest possible air consumption, allows all this without making compromises when it comes to performance, flexibility and energy. OMNIplusSummum offers you the best guarantee to get the most out of your market, material, time, energy and talent. Not only today, but also in the future, it makes you ‘fit to win’.

Ningbo Cixing ‘CX2-45C / CX2-52C’ computerized flat knitting machine

NingboNingbo Cixing Co., Ltd., one of the top ten machinery manufacturer in China displayed in the 12th Dhaka Int’l Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition at booth 255. The focus was on their model CX2-45C / CX2-52C computerized flat knitting machine. The model, can knit 1.2meter per second on 32 level programmable speed, which is 30% higher than the previous model. It can produce 16, 14, 12 / 5, 5/7, 7 and multi-gauge sweaters. On a double system and single carriage knitting system, it can knit 45 and 52 inch fabrics. Controlled by stepping motor, it can adjust stitch density upto 32 selections. Sinker system is also controlled by stepping motor. It has 8+2 sets of yarn feeders and stops automatically for yarn breakage, knots, rolling, shock detection, overload, program error and tusk completion. On safety side, it has noise suppression, dust proofing and safe shutdown, emergency stop, and safety lights. It has a LCD touch screen monitor with graphic interface. But also supports key controlled interface. Data can be transferred using USB devices.  Cixing provides convenient upgrading of control system (software) and pattern making system SH free of charge.

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