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Ten remarkable technologies of the month

We know technology is the application of knowledge to the practical aims of human life or to changing and manipulating the human environment. In global textile and apparel industry this technology is improving day by day with the invention of newer materials, tools, techniques etc. These developments make our life easier, more pleasant and productive. From many of those recent introductions ten are focused here for our readers. You can also contribute in this section. Email me at farhan@textiletoday.com.bd

BASF introduces sensitive textile pigment printing system

Germany-based BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, introduced Helizarin EcoSafe, a pigment printing system with “zero add-on” formaldehyde. The company claims its new system is gentle enough for sensitive textile applications, including infant and baby garments. The new printing system could significantly reduce water and energy consumption. The process eliminates the after-washing and drying steps, which would also decrease the cost and overall production time.

Company said the new pigment printing system offers the highest level of consumer safety available in the market today. It complies with the strict Japanese Law 112, which requires non-detectable limits of formaldehyde for infant clothing, company reports. Helizarin EcoSafe is the next step in BASF’s range of sustainable solutions for the textile industry, which includes Helizarin Binder CS, Luprintol Booster ZAF and Lutexal Thickener GP Eco.1

Wells Lamont industrial introduces cut resistant Kevlar tube sleeve

Wells Lamont Industrial, a worldwide leader and US manufacturer of hand and arm protection, introduces its Cut Resistant Tube Sleeve (KRG). Manufactured in the USA, the KRG Sleeve provides ANSI Level 4 cut resistance and outstanding flame resistant properties.  This highly reusable sleeve is made from Kevlar® and other high performance materials to provide superior comfort and protection.2

The sleeves are growing in popularity as many realize the importance of arm protection company states. From automotive and metal fabrication to steel processing, arm injury from sparks and cuts are quite common. The 2-ply tube design offers outstanding cut resistance while further reducing total cost of ownership since the sleeve is made to withstand multiple launderings. The KRG sleeve is available in multiple sizes with or without a thumb hole. It is sold by the dozen pair.

Stahl completes EVO PU coating range for more sustainable coated fabrics

Stahl, a leader in chemicals for leather products and performance coatings, now offers a complete EVO range, the next generation polyurethane coatings for shoes, bags, upholstery and automotive interiors. The EVO building blocks are said to enable manufacturers to produce coated fabrics in a more sustainable way and in line with the latest fashion trends. Stahl’s innovative additions are the 100% water-based EVO topcoat and the DMF(A)-free EVO base.

3The latest is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A) coagulation process. The EVO coatings that do not contain any restricted substances, offer the performance that brands are used to, while also reducing water and energy usage during the production process, according to the company.

Elliotts presents new Mec-Flex Gloves range for workplace safety

Australia’s quality safety gear specialist Elliotts has developed a Mec-Flex range of gloves for specific application within the construction, mining, manufacturing, garments industries and which will be instrumental in cutting down the high incidence of hand injuries, the company reports. These first ever safety gloves are said to be both impact and cut resistance, and are certified to the standard AS/NZS2161.3:2005 Occupational protective gloves, which provides protection against mechanical risks and CE Standards (European Standards).

4The Mec-Flex range follows Elliotts’ earlier launch of their cut specific G-Flex range. This range features 12 task specific models, which cater for simple handyman tasks right through to high impact mining, oil and gas duties and includes the following models: Mec-Flex Oiler Series, Mec – Flex Utility Series, Mec-Flex ImpactX3, Mec-Flex Rigger GT and Mec-Flex Quick Fit. Mec-Flex Oiler Series is Engineered heavy duty industrial gloves designed specifically to protect the wearer against impact injuries, bruises and pinched fingers in the Oil and gas and mining industries. It is said to offer exceptional top of hand and finger protection with a palm design offering grip, high tear and excellent abrasion resistance.

James Heal Impulse enhances air circulation and conforms to new standard

The new Impulse from James Heal, one of several instruments within the company’s range for evaluating pilling in both apparel fabrics and technical textiles, has been certified to the new standard with ISO Standard 12945-3. Impulse is a two-chamber instrument designed and built to meet American standard ASTM D3512, SANS 6116, the Japanese JIS L1076 standard, French NFG07-121 plus more recent ISO Standard 12945-3, when used with the appropriate liner and impeller.

5According to James Heal, the Impulse 3 is stylishly designed with two vertically oriented test chambers to occupy the least possible bench space and has significantly enhanced air to keep the specimens tumbling during the test, offering an important advantage over other instruments of this type. The impellers, which can be changed as required, is said to enable tests to be carried out in accordance with ISO, ASTM and Japanese standards.

There is an adjustable audible alarm to signify the end of the test and a warning will be displayed if the pressure drops below the minimum pressure as specified in the standard. The UniController has a set time function for the running-in before use of the Neoprene Liners before use as required in the ISO standard and an interlocking door safety switch to assure safe operation.

New materials testing machine frame from Thwing-Albert

Thwing-Albert Instrument Co. has released a new tensile testing machine design, the VantageNX. This revamps the popular EJA Vantage Series to introduce a new ergonomic frame. The new VantageNX is available in capacities of 1kN and 2kN, and will replace the previous frame for those capacities.

Three travel distances from 24” to 48” are available to meet different materials testing needs.  The customer has the option to choose between two different methods of operation; MAP-4 Software which requires a Windows based PC or the recently introduced standalone option a Bluetooth connected touch screen tablet.This new Universal Testing Machine from Thwing-Albert can be used to measure tensile, compression, flexural strength, and peel strength along with many other tests to meet common industry standards including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and others. The VantageNX is designed to keep materials testing laboratories looking sharp while maintaining efficiency and quality.

DyStar with new blue shades for denim

DyStar’s Denim Team has developed new blue shade jupon its patented Indigo Vat 40 % Solution. The focus is environmentally friendly solutions and providing the best service to its customers, but they strive also to inspire the denim industry with new shades and effects. Celebrating a “Festival of Blue”, the company launches four new shades for fashionable denim.

The four new shades are Sky Blue, a bright blue that has a clear look after the wash down process is applied; Ever Blue is a ring dyeing and keeps jeans after washing and fading forever blue; Full Blue is a core dyeing to make jeans appear bluish after wash down, and Deep Blue is a very special process to provide an extremely dark shade and more resistance to fading.

Meisheng Group develops waterborne microfibre and air layer fabric

Zhejiang Meisheng Industry, located in Qianqing town, has successfully developed a waterborne microfibre fabric that has received the latest test results from the authority of the state of China. The inspection reports show that the products are in line with the national standards in the heavy metal content, water stability, pilling resistance and other specifications. According to the company, the product can replace real leather products in many fields, especially for the high-grade auto inner decoration and high-end furniture manufacturing sectors.

Waterborne microfibre has a particularly good suede feel and the product has the obvious advantage with regards to the environmental protection. Especially, it makes a great difference in the production process comparing with the traditional production methods, as it does not use polluting formaldehyde or polluting oily solvent.

Swiss SSM launches its brand new rewinding machine for technical yarns

Swiss SSM has launched its brand new rewinding machine for technical yarns which will be display at Cinte Techtexil China (September 24 -26, 2014). The unique characteristics of tailor made high performance yarns is assisting such yarns to substitute other classical materials in a large range of applications; thereby continually increasing the usage of Technical Textiles, and consequently their consumption. Despite this overall positive scenario, production lot sizes can vary to a great extent, from large ones for standard yarns to small ones for specialities.

6Managing such variations poses a challenge for any producer. The SSM DURO-TW precision winder for all technical yarns up to 50000 dtex, offers a new level of flexibility and winding quality in one machine, thereby ensuring the fulfillment of all customer requirements.

Victoria’s secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio introduced incredible sport bra

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosia introduced on August the new Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Front-Close Sport Bra in Columbus, Ohio (USA). Incredible by Victoria’s Secret is the brand’s number one Sport Bra and it is now available with the popular front-close feature. The zip-front closure allows for easy on and off, while providing maximum support for running, boxing and high-impact workouts. Incredible comes with a concealed wire for cushioned support, breathable padding, with wicking liner and adjustable straps. It is available in sizes A-DDD, in multiple colours, and price starts at USD 54.50. It can be purchased online, in the catalogue, and at Victoria’s Secret stores in the U.S.

According to company, the Incredible Front-Close sport bra is world leading technology and performance made sexy like only Victoria’s Secret can.

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