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Ten short listed technologies for this months technology today

Technology is developed for the betterment of mankind.  Fanatical workforce of scientists is giving us fresh technologies each day. Our effort and promise to BTT readers are always to alert about the superior technologies and innovations concerning textile and apparel. The month of March moves toward with numerous promising improvements and debuting of new technologies. And so here we focus some of those. Any related information just email at farhan@textiletoday.com.bd

Huntsman Introduces Eriofast® Navy M

01Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects has introduced Eriofast® Navy M reactive dye for achieving navy and royal blue shades with good wet fastness on polyamide and polyamide or elastane blends including microfibers.

According to the company, the dye — which is suitable for premium sportswear, swimwear and lingerie applications — may be used as a self-shade or in combination with Eriofast Blue 3R or Eriofast Black M to provide intense royal blue, deep dull navy and bluish-black navy shades. Huntsman reports the dye process is short and simple; and that the dye used in combination with Eriofast FX exhausts smoothly and uniformly, providing fast, level and reproducible color. Other reported benefits include good color continuity under different light sources, durability, and the ability to achieve unique color blocking effects for blue and white or color-contrast styles.

Smart colorants: Driving force for the growth of intelligent textiles

2Smart colorants, a new class of colorants, predominantly used for thermometry, ophthalmics, electronics and biomedicine are making steady inroads into textile industry. Their growth is largely linked to the extension of technical textiles and to some extend with the need for novelty garments.  Smart colorants include colorants that respond to external stimuli by change in colour like the chromic colours and glow in the dark colorants that continue to glow for some time even in the absence of any light source.

Commerciallysignificant chromic colorants are,Photochromic: that respond to changesin light, Thermochromic: where theexternal stimuli energy is heat,Halochromatic: sensitive to pH.

Colour changing colorants of PhotoChromic inks are available in basic colours such as red, blue, yellow, green and purple. The prints of these colours are colourless indoors. However, when they are exposed to ultraviolet light (including sunlight) they gradually turn into their own colours. PhotoChromic’scolour changing technology is recommended for printing of t-shirts, sweatshirts and sport shirts. Thermocromic colorants undergo a reversible change of colour by a change in temperature. The two types of thermochromic colorants are microencapsulated liquid crystals and leuco dyes. The microencapsulates of leuco dyes have three components – a colour former, a colour developer and a solvent.

Nike launches Magista football boot with Flyknit technology

03Nike has launched a brand new Magista football boot based on its revolutionary Flyknit technology. Nike Flyknit technology first appeared in running shoes for the London Olympics but this is the first time it has been used in football (soccer) boots. The boot was unveiled by FC Barcelona playmaker Andrés Iniesta in Spain and is said to give players unprecedented fit, feel and control. The Magista launch comes just ten days after arch rival adidas launched its Samba Primeknit, which it claimed was the world’s first knitted football boot. Building on Nike’s history of groundbreaking innovation in performance footwear, the radical new Magista Football boot redefines the concept of how football boots look and perform.

Compressed nylon offers a highly responsive plate that delivers strength while remaining incredibly light. Combined with Pebax, the structure allows for flex and increased movement with the foot while eliminating mechanical flex (an area where the boot always flexes in the same spot).

Nylon extends to the big toe and acts as a chassis to help players plant and then spring off the ground for more explosive speed. Nike also removed the insole board to place the player closer to the ground for a better center of gravity and enhanced traction. Finally, the entirely conical stud configuration is unique to the Magista, enabling 360° rotation.

SHIMA SEIKI revealed latest version of its SDS-ONE APEX3 3D system

Leading computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan exposed the latest version of its SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system demonstrating comprehensive support of the entire process of apparel production from planning and production to sales promotion, as well as its capability for Virtual Sampling that offers great savings in the sample making process.

An “all-in-one” 3D design system that supports all aspects of fashion design and production, SDS-ONE APEX3 is at the core of SHIMA SEIKI’s “Total Fashion System” concept, through comprehensive support of the apparel production process from planning and production to sales promotion, as well as its capability for Virtual Sampling. Ultra-realistic simulation capability allows Virtual Sampling to minimize the costly time- and resource-consuming sample-making process. They will exhibit it at the Preview in Daegu exhibition in Daegu, Korea in March.

Hohenstein Institute Develops Comfortable, Hygienic Pillow Encasement

As part of a research project, scientists at the Hohenstein Institute — a Germany-based textile research and testing laboratory — have developed a comfortable pillow encasement for use mainly in settings where bed occupancy frequently changes, such as in hospitals, care homes and hotels.

The new type of pillow encasement combines a warp-knitted fabric with a bacteria-resistant membrane on the underside of the fabric. According to the Hohenstein Institute, the fabric construction offers a considerable reduction in noise such as the rustling sound often experienced with conventional pillow encasements; and it also provides improved sweat absorption and wicking, breathability, and softness and suppleness. The Hohenstein Institute reports it has tested the pillow encasements to ensure the new textile construction is able to withstand commercial processing.

TenCate Supplies Protective Fabric for Dutch Military Mission in Mali

06TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies the protective fabric TenCate Defender(TM) for the uniforms of the special units of the Dutch army on its mission in Mali. The new Multicam® combat clothing is fit for military operations under extreme conditions. The new uniforms meet the high demands of combat clothing for special units, such as flame retardancy, insect repellence and optimal wearing comfort.

The Netherlands herewith makes the same choice as did 19 other countries, including the United States and NATO partners like Norway.The uniforms are manufactured by NFM, a garment maker in Norway, which together with textiles technology company TenCate supplies high-quality protection solutions for, among others, armies.

Suominen Launches Value-Adding Novolino Nonwoven For Tabletop Products

07Suominen, a global supplier of nonwovens and flexible packaging, has launched a new range of nonwoven materials for use in tabletop applications in the hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) markets globally. The Novolino nonwoven range of substrates, featuring a number of unique attributes, has already seen commercial success in both Europe and the Americas.

The launch is in line with Suominen’s stated strategic objective of increasing the share of value added products in its portfolio. Novolino nonwoven products in tabletop usage represents Suominen’s expansion of its nonwoven business beyond wipes, where Suominen is the global leader. Novolino nonwovens bring a new dimension to the tabletop market whilst adding value beyond the traditional offerings in this segment. With its soft and silky touch, Novolino nonwovens offer users a disposable alternative to traditional linen or other textile napkins, table covers or guest towels.

Premiere Fibers, Rhodia Team to Launch Emana® Yarn in U.S., Canada

Ansonville, N.C.-based man-made fiber and performance yarn producer Premiere Fibers Inc. — a business unit of Bristol, Va.-based Universal Fiber Systems LLC — and polyamide (PA) 6,6 fiber producer RhodiaFibras, Brazil — a member of the Brussels-based chemical conglomerate Solvay S.A. — have partnered to introduce Emana® PA 6,6 smart yarn in the United States and Canada.

08Emana features bioactive crystals that are embedded in the yarn to provide cosmetic and performance benefits including the capability to improve performance during exercise and reduce muscle fatigue, enhance thermoregulation, and reduce the appearance of cellulite and give the skin a youthful, smooth appearance. According to Rhodia, the yarn absorbs infrared radiation from the wearer’s body and re-emits it as a far infrared (FIR) wave that then interacts with the body and promotes stimulation of the circulatory system. It is claimed that a person who wears garments featuring Emana for at least six hours a day over the course of 30 days will realize the cosmetic benefits.

Polartec Introduces Polartec® PowerWool™

Polartec, the premium provider of innovative textile solutions, introduces Polartec® Power Wool™, a new fabric collection that optimizes the natural performance of wool with synthetic fibers in patented constructions that only Polartec can deliver. Designed as a next-to-skin fabric to keep you dry and comfortable, Polartec® Power Wool™ delivers an engineered mix of fibers precisely placing wool and synthetic yarns to achieve fabric performance much greater than the sum of the parts, while solving some of the problems of pure wool garments.

09Highly breathable Polartec Power Wool harnesses the power of naturally wicking, odor resistant, temperature-regulating high quality merino wool with hydrophobic synthetic fibers for shape retention, durability and improved dry-times. The resulting product more reliably manages the often-divergent demands of many environments – hot or cold, wet or dry – for superior comfort and durability.

Bulwark Launches iQ Series™ of Comfortable FR Apparel

Bulwark — a Nashville, Tenn.-based manufacturer of safety apparel and a division of VF Corp., Greensboro, N.C. — has introduced the iQ Series™ of comfortable, flame-resistant (FR) apparel for workers in the electric utility, oil and gas, emerging energy, and manufacturing industries. Bulwark partnered with Spartanburg-based Milliken & Company, which developed the yarns, fabrics and chemistry used in the garments in the apparel line. The specially designed fabric technology provides mobility, softness, durability, breathability and moisture-wicking properties in addition to protection from flash fires, arc flash and similar dangers, according to the company.

10Company said that Together with Bulwark, Milliken & Company have developed a scientific breakthrough — improved molecular technology that fuses total comfort with protection for FR wearers. The iQ Series currently includes six knits and three wovens offered in men’s and women’s styles, and Bulwark plans to expand the line in the future.

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