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Texhut – online sourcing platform

The use of Business to Business (B2B) market place has been increased in world trade. Statistics have revealed that the use of online marketing was $5.5 trillion during the year 2012 and will rise up to $12 trillion by 2020 (Source: wto.org). The manipulation of B2B market place is going up in most of the developed countries. During the last 5 years, the utilization of B2B platform in Asian countries (China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka) has climbed up in great amount. According to the market analysts, by the year 2020, the application of B2B online sourcing platform will multiply thrice as of now.

The market place for RMG in the world market was $1.105 trillion on 2012, which will cross $ 2.110 trillion by 2025. A large part of it will belong to the countries utilizing B2B online sourcing platform. Although we have enough resources and possibilities available at our country, we are losing the opportunities due to the lack of usage and unavailability of B2B platform. If we are able to earn least of 1% of the opportunities through any online media, it will be worth $10 Billion. Whereas during the fiscal year 2015-2016, the total export earnings (RMG, Jute and Jute products, Home Textile , footwear, leather and leather products) was mentioned as $30.9 Billion.

In order to prove ourselves as a stronger competitor to the world of online Apparel market and other related sectors involved with it, as well as struggle with other developed countries, we need to eliminate the obstacles such as time gap and distance. Texhut has brought one such platform to meet the growing and trending online market place, which will play a vital role in the global as well as local RMG sectors. Texhut is creating one of the strongest and easiest Business network to enrich the RMG, Textile, Leather and other related sectors like Accessories, Machinery and Chemical with E-tech. As a result, we can extend, promote and unveil their Business to the world as a new sourcing platform.

Texhut is introducing all the small and medium industries as a new and developed form, one of the massive portions of textile, grey and fabrics are produced and sold to the local market place. This will lead to the development and improvement of Bangladesh textile mills.

It works as an online platform for making communication and sourcing easier for RMG textile sector via the World Wide Web. It is a one stop solution for all business needs.

TEXHUT.COM is a new place for being together with buyer, seller, manufacturer, supplier and visitors focusing on their product, offering concession, promotion, and other activities to attract their customer. Any Business entity can create a profile highlighting their Products, Latest product with price, Current Auction, Contact Details, Clients, Nominated Suppliers, Compliance Issues, Factory, Certification, award, & management team, Career.

Each and registered company can receive notifications to their provided e-mail address. They can enjoy rating service in their own page created by the individual firm in website. Buyers can quote them about a product via get quotation, send Inquiry, send private messages and comment.

Texhut provides a login or user panel to each individual company registered as its member, through which the user can edit or upload any information or image on his profile. All of their information and quotation are confidential and will be viewable only to them. This helps to maintain the privacy.

Every individual supplier will get unbelievable power to share and express their latest news, views, offers and any kind of Business activities. Buyers and Suppliers can contact each other through the updated and latest information details provided under each company’s profile. Foreign buyers have the opportunity to visit the factories listed as a member of Texhut. Texhut can create Business get together and arrange offline business meetings.

More details www.texhut.com

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