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‘Textile Bill 2018’ passed to enhance the quality of textile products

Govt. initiatives aim to reclaim the golden era of jute

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Bangladesh Parliament has passed the ‘Textile Bill 2018’ aiming to maintain and enhance the quality of textile products. State Minister for textiles and jute Mirza Azam tabled the bill, which was passed by voice vote on September 12.

Bangladesh parliament passes Textile Bill 2018 to boost RMG investment
Figure: Bangladesh parliament passes Textile Bill 2018 to boost RMG investment. Courtesy: www.parliament.gov.bd

As per the draft law, a directorate will be formed with a director general, who will also work as its registrar. The Directorate will be accountable for the inspection of quality and standard of a range of fundamentals indulged in textile products comprising dyes and other chemicals.

Meanwhile, the government will also set up a laboratory of world-class standard so as to ensure all the necessary tests and inspections are carried out.

The agenda is to keep quality on top in the manufacturing of textiles. Under the law, the registration of any company can be suspended or even canceled on giving false information while getting listed.

The move will ensure the export of quality products from Bangladesh and thereby increase the credibility of the country. This will in turn increase investment in the country as well, as it will focus more on quality which is in demand today among the global buyers.

From spinning to weaving, from knitwear to leisurewear and high street fashions, the textiles and clothing industry is Bangladesh’s biggest export earner with a value of over $ 30 billion dollars.

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