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Textile engineers community freshened by ITET cricket tournament

When everything goes wrong a cricket tournament can be so significant that it seems that textile engineers’ community was eagerly waiting for something like this. Of course, it’s not only the textile engineers’ community where everything is going wrong, it is indeed for whole the country. Political turmoil probably is seeing its worst round in Bangladesh’s history and so people in the textile sector are living in the same risk and insecurity as the people whole Bangladesh. Many textile professionals had to travel every day to and pro Narayanganj or Gazipur from Dhakafor their jobs with sheer risk of patrol bomb and vandalism. But many of them voluntarily came to the ground to enjoy cricket and to have charming get together.

IMG_7572++The cricket tournament was organized by The Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologists (ITET) amid continuous blockades but it ended up with sheer cheers and participation of many professionals working in the textile industry. Many engineers have been coming to the Osmani Hall Cricket Ground from around the city every Friday to enjoy cricket encounters among different teams.

Matches become more than cricket as those were only a cause for a most wanted get together, the professionals miss always. The span of the tournament was of almost two months. And it had a grand opening and it closed with a grand dinner. A team called Dhaka Strikers became Champion in20thFebruary’s final. The team was managed by engineers working in Swiss Color Bangladesh Ltd. which is the local agent for Huntsman. None of the other participating teams made fun for making Dhaka Strikers champion but every match was close cricket encounters for them. So, the tournament was funny for the visitors but was really tough for the players. The spectators were rightly cheering and encouraging great efforts in the field of Bangladesh Textile University. Every match found around thousands of spectators.

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