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Textile Talents Electrify in Revealing their Excellence

1Figure 1: Top 50 Textile Talent Hunt 2009 candidates in front of the National Memorial.

Textile industry is the most dynamic industrial sector where developments and changes are more getting changes every second by continuous research and development. Every country is behind innovations and new technology. Modern development is setting new parameters and standard everyday. To compete and sustain in this tremendously dynamic industry, Bangladesh also have to adopt the research trends and use its merit to develop new techniques and processes using its resources to achieve the ultimate efficiency. Bangladesh is blessed with some level of engineering level study scope for the textile garment sector. From Years College of Textile Technology is the supreme institution in the country in producing textile engineers. Realizing the importance of engineers the government upgraded some diploma textile institutes to college to offer B. Sc. Degrees.

On the other hand there are a number of Private Universities which are offering the degree. Some institutions are offering degrees in art and design as well. BGMEA institute of Fashion & Technology is also producing graduates for garment sector. The country is set to produce more than two thousands (2000) textile – garment graduates every year from different universities. The graduates going to join in the industry must be well-known about the recent developments and trends. The theme of Bangladesh Textile Today (BTT) is to develop the ongoing graduates with the knowledge of techno-trade issues to make them competent and well prepared for the industry. In such a time Bangladesh Textile Today has taken an initiative to motivate the outgoing students of different such institutes towards more techno trade recent development changes by anchoring a talent hunting competition. Textile Talent Hunt is the process in which BTT are producing more competent and dynamic graduates for the textile-garment industry.

2Figure 2: TTH participants are in the Quiz(written test)

BTT is completing the first version of the competition, Textile Talent Hunt 2009. The slogan of the competition is “Electrify in revealing your excellence”. BTT and TTH concerns is observing an tremendous agitation among the participants and getting outstanding results on the road of the competition. Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Textile Institute-Manchester, UK and College of Textile Technology are proud in association partner of the competition. The competition has been sponsored by Color Style and Dysin Group is giving the prize money for the champion of the competition. Diganta Television and Radio Today are the television and radio partner of the program.

The Competition

As BTT is in close contact with the textile educational institutions like government colleges under different Public Universities, Private universities, other institutions under National University, it was feeling to do something for the textile-garments students who will join in the industry very soon. Most of our studies show that most of the technical and art-design students are lagging recent techno-trade knowledge. If these students can know the technical developments, trade issues, fashion and design trends, international and local business trends, prevailing regulations before starting their career, they will be in way ahead at the very beginning.

Any Degree and upper level textile-garment student who has completed at least one year or equivalent credits/semester of his Undergraduate course were eligible to pre-register to participate in the competition. The pre-registered students started the talent war with an written test and to be completed that by a presentation in a special part of the 1st International Conference on Textile and Apparel (ICTA-2010). By this period they are under going four consecutive steps. At first they sat for a Quiz (Written Test) and the organizers has sorted out best 52 contestants from the test. At the second step the best fifty has worked some research/project to develop paper/design and that was followed by a viva voce for the best 14 on their research/project topic and the submitted paper. From these two steps BTT has found best 5 contestants of Textile Talent Hunt 2009.

The Launching and Campaigning

Students from 10 institutes that giving degree level awards in textile-garment discipline have participated in the competition. Textile Talent Hunt 2009 was launched with and grand occasion organized at the National Press Club in the presence of hundreds of journalists and people of this industry. BTMA president Mr. Abdil Hai Sarker graced the occasion as chief guest while Mr. John T Smith, International Event Coordinator of Textile Institute were present as the guest of honour at the occasion. From the very beginning the competition achieved a great interest of the paper and electronic media. Following the launching BTT organized separate campus inauguration in different textile garment colleges and universities. At the same time BTT has conducted special

3Figure 3: Grooming Session in Bagladesh Textile Today office

seminar. Textile-garment students got and elevation in campaigning activities and spontaneously pre-registered for the competition. Surprisingly 324 prospective students participated in the competition. It was an astonishing response that was unexpected even to the organizers. It was an direct outcome of rigorous awareness program taken by the organizers. BTT has trained and prepared 56 Promotional Team Members from different campuses to promote the program. All the teachers of the colleges and universities has suggested the students to participate in the competition. In the campaigning program the organizers also distributed number of leaflets, posters, T-shirts, festoons and banners.

Award Packages

This is the first ever such competition for the textile garment students. It got a real pace with declared award packages. BTT has declared lucrative award packages for the talents & talents of the year. The Jury Board will select the Champion, and two Runner-up positions by considering all four steps result of the competition. The Champion will receive a prize money of Taka 50,000 (Fifty Thousands only) with a trophy and certificate. The First Runner will receive an amount of Taka.30,000 (thirty thousands only) and Second Runner-up will receive Taka 20,000 (Twenty thousands only) as prize money along with the trophy and certificates. Best three will get lifelong free subscription of the magazine Bangladesh Textile Today. Best twenty talents is going to get special gifts from Textile Institute, Machester, UK. Primarily selected best 100 participants will be getting one year free subscription of Bangladesh Textile Today. The winners are going to get a grand reception in the upcoming international event, International Conference on Textile and Apparel 2010. An attractive package has encouraged the students to participate with full effort and Bangladesh Textile Today has created and equal opportunity through out the competition and helped to reveal their best talents.

Road to the Final

Quiz (Written Test), The Day: 324 textile garment students gathered at 4:00PM from different universities & institutions at the ground of Government Scinece College, Tejgaon, Dhaka to attend the written test. The whole ground has become colorful with students from different places. It is really appreciating that 95% students were attending in the exam. The purpose of the test was to do the primary sorting. Here the participants are tested for their overall knowledge over the textile-garment sector. Participants have answered 40 Multiple Choice Question and written short answer for another 60 marks. Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Princial, NITTRAD & Chairman of the judges’ panel and Mr. John T Smith, International Event Coordinator of Textile Institute were present at the exam venue and also were observing the exam environment. Another judge’s panel member Mr.Rubayat chowdhury, assistant professor, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology were observing the exam with other regular teachers and exam controllers.

4Figure 4: Training Session on Research Methodology
5Figure 5: The viva/interview board.

The exam committee ensured an strong and fair exam environment. Any unwanted scenario didn’t found on that day from the students. The news of the written test has been telecast in different television media. Finally BTT has selected best 51 students to compete for the next series of competition. After checking the answer scripts of the participants the judge’s panel decided to announce the list of total 67 best students instead of 100. Total 50 out of best 52 students did the final registration to take the final challenges.

Grooming sessions with best fifty

At the final stage of the competition the participants was supposed to work individually on different topics to conduct an research/project work. As per the requirements of the participants BTT conducted some training and grooming programs. To introduce the students with the methodology of the research BTT organized a special session in National Institute of Textile Training Research and Design (NITTRAD). As indoor training program the first group of participants has participated in the training program tilted “Discussion on fiber to fabric, the present and future trend” .The session was conducted by Mr. Md. Maherul Islam Sohel, Assistant Manager (Marketing), Alok Industries Ltd. The session covered the areas of Fiber, Yarn/Spinning, Fabric (Weaving/Knitting), Textile Trade, Fashion Design, and Textile Design. In the second day Mr. A.S.M Tareq Amin, Editor & Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today was conducting a session tilted “Discussion on Dyeing and Finishing of Textiles, the present and future trend”  and the training covered area: Dyeing & Finishing (Processing) and Environmental impacts of it. Such training sessions gave very clear idea about the recent industry which was tremendously helpful for them according to the participants.

After the completion of the grooming sessions the participants selected their topic or area to work on. The choice was open and they were directed to work on some guidelines given by the organizer. They were guided to work under a supervisor who has or has been working on their specific topic. Number of academics and professionals has supported and helped the TTH participants to develop their work. BTT has expressed their gratitude to those people also to the teachers and professionals who has guided and helped TTH participants by allowing them to use the facilities of their institute. After an approval of the research/project proposal from the TTH organizers the contestant has done some tremendous works on their selected topic.

A Tour to Savar

To celebrate the Victory Day BTT organized a tour with best fifty contestants. The day BTT team started with best 50 from Tejgaon and went to National Memorial by bus. The participants took the motivation from spirit of the liberation war. At the National Memorial premises they passed some time and had a photo session to make the moment immemorial.

Training at NITTRAD: At noon the bus reached at National Institute of Textile Training Research and Design (NITTRAD) and Prof.Dr.Engr.Ayub Nabi Khan, Principal, NITTRAD welcome the TTH contestants to his institution. BTT offered them a special launch. After launch they visited the lab facility of the institution and also enjoyed the natural beauty of the premise. Then they went to the seminar room for a special training conducted by Dr. Saifur Rahman, Chief Faculty Member, NITTRAD and Member Secretary of the TTH Judges Panel tilted “How to write a scientific paper”. The training session was of long three hours but that was interesting and very useful and rare for the participants.

Research/Project: After a long period of hard work the contestants came up with their final report. The judges’ panel has reviewed the papers by experts from the respective field and finally examined the papers to match the results. The papers are marked in different area and best 14 papers have been selected to be called for defense. A high level interview board has taken the viva of the best 14 contestants to make it best 5. Best 5 papers and persons have selected finally to be published in the conference proceeding book and also to be presented in the conference.

It is indeed a tremendous job complete such and competition. BTT is proud to be able to take it to the end. In this long way of the competition BTT number of extra ordinary talents who are definitely going to lead the industry in near future. It was a hard job to eliminate such students from the competition. But BTT has plans to work with them in future as well. Good research/project reports will be published in Bangladesh Textile Today after taking to such level. BTT will guide them and help them to accomplish their works. BTT will organize more training programs for these talents. Now every body is waiting eagerly to see the performances of the best 5 talents of Textile Talent Hunt 2009 in 1st International Conference on Textile and Apparel (ICTA 2010) to be held on 29-30th January 2010 in Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka.

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