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Textile Tech Association launched to drive RMG and textile sector

Textile tech Association has started its journey with the slogan ‘Analyzing the opportunities & barriers for the female employee’ on 15 January at AHS Auditorium of Govt. College of Applied Human Science in Dhaka.

More than 200 textile professionals, experts, and students joined the grand inauguration ceremony. 

The textile and Readymade Garments (RMG) sector is facing many challenges just because of not having efficient employees. On the other hand, this has become a male-dominated industry. Head hunters even recruit none tech professionals from other backgrounds whereas, thousands of textiles graduates are coming out every year. Especially girls.

Figure 1: BGMEA President Faruque Hassan (3rd from right) along with other guests at the grand inauguration ceremony.

Sadly, this fact is being overlooked every single time. For example, AHS has a textile department that too for more than 25 years which is hardly known to the head hunters. It’s is not only about AHS there are so many other institutions that have this textile department.

Keeping this above background as a core point the Textile Tech Association will work on this specific issue to build a strong connection between the head hunters and the job seekers. 

Also, it will ensure the equity of both male and female employees for having the best output.

The association aims to be the voice of mid-level working women in the RMG sector said, Sabrinna Sharmeen, Founder, Textile Tech Association, former student Govt. College of Applied Human science and Team Leader, Varner AS Bangladesh Liaison office.

“Women are prepared to give the drive-in every position in the RMG sector, but is the industry ready with that drive? Why still do we need to think about the environment that cannot serve women’s safety? Where is our mindset working against it? Why still we cannot see women in the buying meeting? All these questions were just hammering in my mind. And then I decided to work for this community,” said Sabrina Sharmeen.

Bibi Russell, Fashion for Development, Bibi Productions; Dr. Mihir Lal Saha Professor, Department of Botany Acting Dean, Faculty of the Biological Science University of Dhaka spoke at the inauguration ceremony. This event was hosted by Farhana Rupa, Textile Tech Association.

Bibi Russell said about her journey in Fashion Industry. 

“BIBI PRODUCTIONS is devoted to helping craftspeople, mostly women in rural areas, to preserve traditional weaving techniques and know-how, to protect culture, and to develop local communities in the hope of building promising futures through having access to financial stability and basic education.”

She added, “I want to preserve the heritage of my country, foster creativity, provide employment, empower women and contribute towards the eradication of poverty. That is what I’m committed to doing. Save the craftspeople and help revive their dreams.”

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan was present there as chief guest. He said, “Bangladesh is celebrating 50 years of independence. In this era, there are so many opportunities for women to prove themselves. They are working in many sectors like business, science, journalism, etc., and now in textile and clothing industry women’s initiative would be a millstone for the future economic development of Bangladesh, especially the textile and apparel sector with women empowerment.”

The first panel discussion was taken place on opportunities for females in RMG and how the industry is preparing itself to welcome more females in this sector, which was moderated by Kyaw Sein Thay Dolly, Managing Director, Cloths ‘R’ US Ltd.

Textile Tech association
Figure 2:The first-panel discussion was moderated by Kyaw Sein Thay Dolly, Managing Director, Cloths ‘R’ US Ltd.

There were present  MD. Salauddin, Chairman at ASK Apparel & Textiles Sourcing; Vidiya Amrit Khan, Director BGMEA & Desh Garments Ltd.; Israt Jahan, Director, Bangladesh Garments Executive Association, BGEA; Najia Jafrin, Deputy General Manager HR strategy, Transformation and Learning, Apex Holdings Ltd; Aleya Aktar, Lead Coach and Founder, Learn to lead BD, HR Professional; Marine Daniel, Denim Category Leader, Group Beaumanoir.

When it talks about the readiness of the industry, Vidiya Amrit Khan said, despite many barriers of women they are capable enough to do their best in the textile sector. Women need social support, family support, and get chance to develop their skills as well as the duty for themselves, also women need safety at their work station.

Another panel discussion on what is the future of garments and textiles of Bangladesh after an unbelievable growth during Covid was taken place which was moderated by Salauddin Chowdhury Director, DBC News Channel Chairman, Stylish Garments where Maksuda Chowdhury Misha; MD of Stylish Garments Ltd, Salah Raymond; Inamul Haque Khan Bablu, Managing Director Ananta Company’s and Director, BGMEA; Ahsan Mahmood, Country Manager, Gina Tricot; Siegfried Rey, Country manager, Varner AS, Bangladesh Liaison office; Md. Jahangir Hossain Molla Union Group; Marine Daniel, Denim Category Leader, Groupe Beaumanoir were present as panel members. 

The speakers talked about the clothing sector’s recent challenges, export, clothing price, and product innovation. 

Besides that, they need to collaborate with academia and industry and more participation of women in mid-management in this industry.

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