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Textile Tech Association to organize ‘Branding Bangladesh’ event strengthening local textile industry

Textile Tech Association (TTA) arranged a press conference on 23 October to discuss about their future event ‘BRANDING BANGLADESH’ which is scheduled to be held annually with several focus groups. This planned event is tentatively scheduled to happen in the second week of January 2023.

TTA press conference
Figure: Textile Tech Association (TTA) arranged a press conference on 23 October to discuss about their future event ‘BRANDING BANGLADESH’.

The Textile Tech Association began its journey on January 15, 2022, with the goal of building a strong community of Textile employees, particularly women, and promoting the empowerment of women in the textile industry.

In such a short period of time, TTA has already arranged activities to foster connections amongst textile students who have recently graduated and are already employed in this area.

As suggested by the event’s name, the purpose is to highlight the design industry’s strength as well as local materials. This event will feature a fashion show, showcasing design breakthroughs (Local, Western, and Fusion) as well as a display of local fabrics.

By focusing on Textile Students as participants in its inaugural year, in November 2022, TTA will reach out to textile institutions to recruit participants; in December 2022, evaluation and preliminary selection will occur; and beginning in January 2023, the selected representatives will receive grooming training on design representation from a renowned designer on the market. The event will feature a panel of judges and guests primarily from the textile industry, as well as some foreign delicates.

The fashion show will highlight the originality and design of local materials. We will also focus on the future direction of the industry with specific aims. Designers will showcase their work utilizing local fabrics.

In addition to local materials, students may employ local fabrics that are utilized for the worldwide market. For the local design concept, designers can utilize both international standard fabric and our native core, such as Jamdani, Moslin, silk, Khadi, etc. Additionally, these textiles can be used for a fusion in which designers use local fabrics for the international market.

The fashion show will strengthen the students’ knowledge and abilities, while the grooming session will provide them with the talent to succeed in the profession.

Also, by employing local fabrics, we will help to spread the word to buyers and customers who are continuously seeking the possibility to reduce production lead times by using local materials.

This fashion display would apparently brand Bangladesh’s textile and RMG industries.

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