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Bangladesh was losing its reputation to international apparel market after Rana Plaza and Tazreen Fashion incidents. Some local entrepreneurs thought deeply to rescue the image of the country’s RMG industry. However, most of the manufacturers still suspect that branding & marketing is a cost center, not a business driver. But the industry has changed a lot and getting more ticklish. So, what do you think? Should manufacturers go for branding & marketing to get recognition to the end users and buyer’s community to sustain in the business strongly?

Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director, Plummy Fashions Ltd.

Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director, Plummy Fashions Ltd.“Branding is very much important for a business and it is badly needed for our RMG industry. Country branding is more important to establish industry branding. When a country has positive branding then industry gets benefits from it automatically. We need a branding campaign for one or two years long to establish our positive image collectively. Now the industry owners are trying to establish it individually. However, it is not representing our whole industry scenario. Our major stakeholders like the government, BGMEA, BKMEA, EPB etc. can take initiatives for branding activities. It would be better if we can assign any third party, it could be a foreign credible organization, for doing such activities. It will be more effective and we should work on it.”

S.M Khaled, Managing Director, Snowtex Outwear Ltd.

S.M Khaled, Managing Director, Snowtex Outwear Ltd.“Nowadays, branding is very important for us. Bangladesh RMG industry is the safest and most green industry that has done huge development in the compliance area. Every factory is working with different buyers, so it needs to show the brands what’s my best practice. As a manufacturer, we always brand our industry and also creates our own brand. As a competitive player in the global market, we should go for branding and highlight our RMG industry globally.”

Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group, and Director, BGMEA

Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group, and Director, BGMEA“We see that brands and retailers are branding themselves only. In some point, if they also brand the manufacturers about how products are produced, how people are working and how things really happen in manufacturers end, I think it may allow the end users to pay a bit more. This is true that manufacturers should work for their branding as well to be heard in the global arena. I think manufacturers need branding themselves to get a fair price.”

Abdullah Mohammad Zaber, Deputy Managing Director, Noman Group

Abdullah Mohammad Zaber, Deputy Managing Director, Noman Group“Definitely manufacturers need to invest on branding to uplift the image of textile and RMG industry. In a competitive market, we should focus to create our own brand, product development to get more price from the buyers. As a manufacturer, we always participate in the largest textile exhibitions and try to do branding of the Bangladesh RMG industry. I think the government and associations should take the initiative for branding. Besides manufacturers should brand their own best practice.”

Abdullah Mohammad Talha, Deputy Managing Director, Noman Group

Abdullah Mohammad Talha, Deputy Managing Director, Noman Group“Branding and Marketing are a very important issue for us. Firstly employers branding is very important. Companies should encourage employees to post their cultural activities on social media such as Facebook, and LinkedIn. Companies must encourage them to join in groups and enhance their online profile, like in LinkedIn. Ask them to share the top internal stories in social media as much as possible. Tell the employees to expand their offline and online networks. Instruct them to upload all the business cards and information on cloud and use tools to always keep in touch. All the companies should start planning for Employer Branding across the board. The Human Resource department must put it on priority. Employer branding is an extensive subject, and we should pursue it.”

Shafiur Rahman, Regional Operations Manager, G-Star Raw

Shafiur Rahman, Regional Operations Manager, G-Star Raw“I think, first of all, manufacturers should give a holistic thinking about their own self and set the target market for whom they want to produce. If one is not ready to produce for a brand, then they should build themselves, I mean gradually they should grow. Also, there is price pressure already, workers wage, management cost and other costs are also increasing day by day. So, it is high time for the manufacturers to go for branding to grab more high-end brands and retailers. At the same time, it would also help them to get more visibility from the brands which will be a sustainable business model.”

Azahar Khan, Chairman, Mithela Group & Director, BTMA

Azahar Khan, Chairman, Mithela Group & Director, BTMA“Bangladesh’s garment industry is now a model for workplace safety. Most of the green factories are in Bangladesh. We should go for branding and send a clear message to the buyers. We should also go to new markets also. As one of the first LEED Platinum certified Textile Industry, when we got this certificate, many buyers visited our factory. Besides buyers should increase products price. We should have a clear long-term strategy with vision and mission for branding. It can be in several ways like an innovative product and patent can be the start point.”

Fakhrul Alam, Manager (Sales & Marketing), Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited

“Branding works contribute significantly to persuade potential consumers into purchasing their products or services. The brand will describe who you are, what you are doing and how you are contributing to the world. It will not only increase the profit share but also give you a better survival tool and the world will know your existence. Branding is the need of time for the manufacturers.Fakhrul Alam, Manager (Sales & Marketing), Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited

Most of the retailers are suffering to achieve their expected sells, because of ever-changing consumers’ thought in terms of price. And it can be mitigated by doing branding. The industry may move from one country to another, but your branding image will work all over the world.

Initially, we may have the cost involvement to start but in long-term it will ensure the strong survival of the industry and increase the profit share.

By branding and market research we will be able to know the consumer behavior and act accordingly. And manufacturers are the best person to reflect on consumer needs.

Branding will create a new customer, financial values, trust, and recognition and motivate the workforce.”

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