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The reasons behind choosing green building concept for sustaining in any business

Going green has become the global call. In the current context green is acronym of sustainability. Eventually, at some point everyone will have to be an integrated part of it. As how the rate of consumption is going on, the Earth will simply not remain sustainable any more. Which is why going green will be the automatic choice to sustain in any type of business.

reasons-behind-choosing-green-building-concept-Cute Dress
Figure 1: The green building concept is fast gaining acceptance in Bangladesh as many builders are constructing energy-efficient, low-maintenance buildings.

The backdrop of massive haphazard industrialization leads to rising the green movement. Therefore, anything is done for sustainability – be it for earth sustainability, business sustainability, or future generation sustainability–is called green.

To put it in a nutshell, the green industry is a blend of behavior transformation, innovative ideas, energy-efficient technology, efficient resources management, information and knowledge, future thinking, positive and responsible mind.

Green building and Bangladesh perspectives

The opportunity for improving energy performance in the buildings and factories in Bangladesh has never been greater. The better and green initiative is the latest national effort drawing attention to the country’s building and factory energy consumption and ways to help reduce it and win simultaneously. The economic downturn shifted the attention of firms and public owners with large building portfolios toward their existing buildings. With government and utility incentives, the time was ripe for focusing on retrofit and renovation investments that could save energy and money.

The green building concept is fast gaining acceptance in Bangladesh as many builders are constructing energy-efficient, low-maintenance buildings. This concept unexceptionally complements modern architectural designs by allowing ample energy savings and adequate natural light. In addition, it is high time that Bangladesh implements this concept in its construction industry.

It is obvious that the business case matters to firms, and energy efficiency and utility savings are the foundation of that case, but firms today expect more. Going green is the solution. Whether be a manufacturer trying to get your energy-efficient products installed, a builder or engineer experienced in adding value to projects through better building practices, or policymakers wanting to lower the environmental impacts of buildings, understanding how to make the right business case to the right person is critical.

The green building concept is the best management system when it is understood the concept and apply the concept in every management decision and practice. This concept will ensure a few vital points that are the lifeline of a company or organization. These are as follows:

  • Most energy-efficient facilities and activities can save money and lead to becoming more profitable. For manufacturing facilities, this concept can reduce the production cost significantly and make the company more competitive
  • The best possible indoor environment can lead to 15% to 20% more productivity and less absenteeism and turnover among employee
  • Best resource management can provide savings and less impact on the environment
  • Proud and motivated workforce will be engaged for higher standard works
  • Consumer acceptance with higher market share and worldwide reputations
  • Best practice to protect the environment, biodiversity, habitat and create a green peaceful spaces
  • Green building concept employs the ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ (LCA) to make buying decisions that saves money and also choose environment-friendly products
  • Preventive maintenance policy within the green building concept can reduce establishment cost significantly

LEED key findings

Using peer-reviewed evidence as the standard for the analysis and guided by a steering committee of experts from around the world, the findings presented in this study represent a critical summation of the most recent and relevant research. The body of the report provides insight into how these findings were reached, including the context of the studies – essential reading for understanding the relevance of the findings to what is found in local markets.

green building initiative Savings
Figure 2: Savings through green building initiative.

Operating costs

Green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water use and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs. Energy savings in green buildings typically exceed any design and construction cost premiums within a reasonable payback period.

Workplace productivity and health

Research shows that the green design attributes of buildings and indoor environments can improve worker productivity and occupant health and well-being, resulting in bottom-line benefits for businesses. Despite evidence of its impact, improved indoor environmental quality has not been a priority in building design and construction, and resistance remains to incorporate it into financial decision-making.

People who work in LEED-Certified buildings typically show 6% to 16% improved productivity, many times more than the initial energy savings.

Design and construction costs

Research shows that building green does not necessarily need to cost more, particularly when cost strategies, program management and environmental strategies are integrated into the development process right from the start.

Ananta Ahmed-360 Total Solution Limited
Author: Ananta Ahmed, International Green Building Expert, USGBC Faculty; LEED AP BD + C, LEED AP EB O+M, LEED AP ID + C, LEED AP HOME, LEED AP ND (Accredited Professional of USGBC) and Managing Director, 360 Total Solution Limited.

While there can be an additional cost associated with building green compared to a conventional building, the cost premium is typically not as high as the development industry perceives.

Asset value

As investors and occupants become more knowledgeable about and concerned with the environmental and social impacts of the built environment, buildings with better sustainability credentials enjoy increased marketability. Studies around the world show a pattern of green buildings being able to more easily attract tenants and to command higher rents and sale prices. In markets where green has become more main stream, there are indications of emerging ‘brown discounts’, where buildings that are not green may rent or sell for less.

Scaling up from Green buildings

By greening our built environment at the neighborhood and city scale, we can deliver on large-scale economic priorities such as climate change mitigation, energy security, resource conservation and job creation, long-term resilience and quality of life.

Green building triple bottom line benefits includes

Green building triple bottom line benefits

On a final note, the green building concept is not just a certificate, rather it is the most profitable and environment-friendly business management system and also an ongoing process, which require continual improvement in all aspect of company or organization portfolios.

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