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The role of technology in denim production

Technology is a major part of the fashion industry, and it is impacting how denim is designed and manufactured. Most people who would like to design denim can use software design techniques, plan for sustainability, and even use recycled materials. Read more below about how you can begin the design process when you include technology, help your company go green, and make denim that is fashion-forward.

technology in denim
Figure 1: Technology is a major part of the fashion industry, and it is impacting how denim is designed and manufactured.

Denim must be produced responsibly

Denim must be produced in a responsible manner, but it can be hard to do that if you do not have software that helps. You can use technology to ensure you are using the proper fabrics, you are weaving the denim in the most efficient way, and you are dyeing your denim without using too much dye or ink.

You need to save money at each step of the process, and you can work these things out using the software. Plus, you can change your production line at any time if you have access to software that tells you precisely how much money you will save if you may change.

laser denim production
Figure 2: Laser technology in denim is widely used as a sustainable means to reduce consumption of water.

Recycled materials

You can learn how to use recycled materials when you are using software. The software will let you know how much-recycled denim is needed to make your new designs, how much it will cost to change the color of your recycled denim, and how much cheaper the recycled material is than a new batch of denim.

Plus, you should use your software to calculate how much each new design will cost as compared to using new materials. You could make a sustainable change within your business using this software.

Stitching with machines

When you are stitching with machines, you need to know which machine works best for each part of the process, which threads to use, and how long it takes to make each new garment.

If you are using software, you can check how much thread is needed, the average build time for the garments, and it is easier to understand how much it costs to complete that garment.

When you see the figures for your production times and prices, you can determine how many garments you need to produce to make money.

It is easy to decide how large each batch should be, and you can calculate how long it would take to make each batch. Once you have done this, you can tell your buyers how long it will take them to receive their new items.

Changing fits

You can use technology to change designs for fit. You may want to produce a pair of skinny jeans that will fit tight to the body. When you do that, you need to know the measurements for each size.

You can catalog these measurements with the software, and you can create. Size chart for your buyers. Plus, you can expand each design to offer the boot cut, the loose fit, or even a bell-bottom style.


When you are building jackets, you need more pieces and more stitching just to hold the garments together. You must use your software to determine how much fabric is needed to create the lining for the jackets, how much it needed to roll over all the cuffs, and how much extra fabric is needed to make the collar.

These jackets are inherently more complicated than jeans, but they can be designed using software to save money.

You can apply recycled materials to these designs, and you have the chance to decide how much it will cost to use recycled materials over traditional denim.

Supplier and vendor payments

You are paying suppliers and vendors every day for the products that they provide. You can put all those payments and orders in your system, use those prices to determine how much each design costs, and adjust prices when your vendor gives you a discount or raises the price on each new shipment.

The software makes all these calculations for you, and you can change your design protocol based on these numbers. If you need to find a new vendor, you can do so. If you want to switch over to recycled materials, you can do so.

Designers have more time for creativity

Designers have much more time to be creative when they can run their business using software. You can set up your production of each new garment using the software, and you can send documents to your staff so that they know how to proceed with ordering and production.

denim production
Figure 3: Designers have much more time to be creative when they can run their business using software.

You do not have time to run your business by-hand, and you will lose money when you cannot see every part of the production process on your computer.


You can make several denim garments using the technology described above. You can purchase a number of different dyes, fabrics, and threads to be used in your new fashion line.

Plus, you may choose to use recycled materials that will reduce the price of each new item you make. The software that you purchase streamlines your operations, help you remain creative, and allows your business to make more money.

(About Author: Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for Coastal Business Supplies. She often produces content for a variety for textile blogs. )

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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