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The Walt Disney lists Bangladesh as a permitted sourcing country

The Walt Disney Company, once stopped its sourcing from Bangladesh in 2013 amid the fire and building collapse disasters, has considered including the country in its Permitted Sourcing Country list with ILS (International Labor Standard) audits.  The information came from a trusted source and the official notification from Disney is yet to be published.

The Walt Disney company

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan welcomed the timely and welcoming move by Walt Disney in recognition of the all-out progress and transformation in the industry, particularly in the area of workplace safety, social standards, and environmental sustainability.

Factories participating in the ILO’s Better Work Bangladesh program will be entitled to become a vendor, while they need to participate in the Nirapon or RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) along with specific remediation fulfillment criteria.

Over the past years, the industry has made unprecedented efforts and investments to ensure safety covering fire, electrical and structural integrity, a robust follow-up of factory remediation, to create a culture of safety while promoting the wellbeing of the workers. The entire safety transformation program was supported and facilitated by the Government of Bangladesh, ILO, international brands, manufacturers, and the global unions transparently.

The Hong Kong-based supply chain compliance solutions provider “QIMA” ranked Bangladesh as the 2nd highest Ethical Manufacturing country in its recent report “QIMA Q1 2021 Barometer”. The rating included performance against parameters like hygiene, health and safety, child and young labor, labor practices including forced labor, worker representation, disciplinary practices and discrimination, working hours and wages, and waste management.

The study was conducted when COVID disrupted the global fashion industry and supply chain and maintaining such a level of compliance testifies our resilience and commitment.

In addition, the progress made in the areas of cleaner and greener manufacturing testifies the industry’s commitment and actions toward building a sustainable supply chain. The country is the home of the world’s most LEED green factories, having 144 LEED green factories certified by USGBC, of which 41 are platinum, earns the confidence of the global brands and consumers through its tireless efforts in the past decade.

BGMEA, as the only association in the world, is honored with the “2021 USGBC Leadership Award” for its exemplary leadership in promoting environmental sustainability and green industrialization in the RMG industry.

While we commit to maintaining the social and safety standards, we have aligned with global pledges like reducing GHG emissions by 30% till 2030.

Through these actions and transformation, Bangladesh has well positioned itself as the preferred sourcing partner for conscious brands like Disney, which is committed to fostering safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces in its manufacturing facilities worldwide.

(Courtesy: BGMEA)

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