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Top ten innovative textile technologies for this month

Innovativeness of men has no limit, so new & newer technologies are developing day-by-day. No exception in the textile sector. Here are the top ten textile technologies of the month based on innovativeness, applications, attractiveness and the end usage. As always like other divisions of BTT, this section request you to send feedback and comments.Send your company news to: munir@aminjahan.com

1. Oerlikon Innovation:
Yarns for greater safety

According to Oerlikon, innovation of high-tenacity yarns with heavy counts are already made, for example, in conveyor belts and as an application with huge growth potential, in geotextiles. The properties, such as high tenacity, high modulus and low creep properties required in geotextiles, are decisive for keeping textile-reinforced flooring and stone in position.


With a maximum throughput of 18,000 denier per position, the corresponding Oerlikon Barmag system is extremely efficient. Depending on the total count, the denier can be doubled without any major conversion measures by plying two filaments from the spinning system. As a result, the flexible system can be converted from 6 or 8 ends to 12 or 16 ends with just a few adjustments. Tyre cord is one of the most important applications for PET IDY HMLS yarns. They are extremely tear-resistant, while remaining highly elastic and stable in terms of their dimensions and temperature. The cord, a fabric made from twisted HMLS filaments, is united with the tyre rubber at approximately 200 degrees Celsius. It lies between several layers of rubber and stabilizes the entire car tyre on roads. Particularly the European demands made on high-performance tyres require a high-tenacity and high-modulus yarn with low stretch.

2. Recombining Technology: Advanced additives protect plasticized PVC

Sanitized AG, a leading producer of antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics will be launching two new advanced additives designed for the protection of plasticized PVC at this year’s Techtextil in Frankfurt. The first of the new products, Sanitized PL 12-32, is a formulation said to have excellent water resistance and UV stability which make it highly suited to outdoor applications such as awnings and tents.

The second new product, Sanitized PL 12-33 is characterized by high thermal stability, regardless of elevated temperatures that may be necessary during processing, with the ability to retain product transparency. Its properties, sanitized says, make it perfect for indoor applications such as flooring and furnishings.

3. Aerotherm® innovates superior insulating performance in outdoor apparel and footwear

Because of its demonstrated thermal performance and resilience, Aerotherm® aerogel insulation is particularly suitable for extreme weather applications. Among targeted end products and components are: footwear including ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) molded and flat insoles, liners, strobe, uppers, tongue, toe cap, and other components;


apparel including jackets and vests, elbow, shoulder, knee, seat, thigh and other key heat-loss and/or compression zones; and gear including gloves, seat pads, grill mitts, thermal coolers and other gear. Recommended thickness for footwear components is 3 millimeters (mm); and for apparel and gloves, 2 mm.

4. Antimicrobial technology Innovates X-STATIC®

Noble Biomaterials, Inc., the global leader in bacterial management solutions and manufacturer of X-STATIC® silver fiber technology, announced the acquisition of Carolina Silver LLC, a full-service manufacturer of silver-based fabric, yarn and fiber. Made with 99.9% pure silver, X-STATIC® is the premier silver antimicrobial technology designed to protect products from bacteria, fungi and odor. It naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria in apparel and textiles permanently; preventing the spread of infection, healing chronic wounds and keeping athletic gear smelling fresher and lasting longer.

5. SDL Atlas Offers PowerTear™ Elmendorf Tearing Tester

SDL Atlas – a Rock Hill, S.C.-based provider of textile testing instruments – has introduced the PowerTear™ High-Energy Elmendorf Tearing Tester for testing the ballistic tear strength of both fine and heavyweight textiles.


The PowerTear has a single, microprocessor-controlled falling pendulum to measure ballistic tear strength by generating a single rip tear in a testing sample. The pendulum features a digital display and has been redesigned to have two individual precision adjustors – vertical and horizontal – to determine the pendulum’s center of gravity and make adjustments if necessary. It also features an angular decoder capable of measuring the pendulum’s swing angles before and after testing to ensure a more direct and accurate determination of tearing resistance.


The Tester has a maximum capacity of 12800 centinewtons, and higher-capacity add-on weights are split into separate pieces to simplify tester capacity changes. It also features a large, heavy steel base plate to prevent the pendulum’s swing from affecting test accuracy; and an electrical clutch that immediately stops the pendulum after testing to increase test efficiency and operator safety.

6. Technology in Sports: PXv 39 world’s lightest golf club shaft

Leading golf club shaft
manufacturer True Temper has recently released a new version of its Project X shaft series, the PXv 39 (v for velocity) – aided by the use of TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fabrics, the PXv weighs just 39 grams and is said to be the lightest shaft introduced to the market. TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon reinforcements are a composite reinforcement suited to applications where the user is looking to reduce weight and improve mechanical properties. It has been successfully used in Formula 1, Americas Cup and Advanced Aerospace applications as well as other sporting good applications such as bicycles, skis and ice hockey sticks.”TeXtreme is becoming the new standard carbon reinforcement for high-end applications where low weight and performance is key. The unique benefits TeXtreme renders is repeatedly proven by the results and constant victories by our customers. We also take big pride in providing an optimized reinforcement solution for each specific application need and also we make sure the solution is realized into full scale production”, says Henrik Blycker, CEO of Oxeon, owner of the TeXtreme brand.

7. Combining Textiles with Medical Science: Drug loaded fibres launched

TissueGen Inc., a developer of cutting-edge biodegradable polymer technology for implantable drug delivery across a wide variety of therapeutic applications, has announced the availability of its Elute biodegradable drug-loaded fibre products, including pharmaceutical loaded fibres and growth factor loaded fibres. TissueGen’s coretechnology includes patented processes for extrusion of biodegradable drug-loaded fibres at room temperature.  The innovative process is said to preserve the biological activity of incorporated drugs and therapeutic agents, thereby enabling drug delivery and sustained therapeutic release through implantable medical devices.


TissueGen adds that its patented process provides a high degree of retained biological activity and that it has extensive experience loading sensitive growth factors such as Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), as well as other sensitive biological molecules including immune proteins, enzymes (i.e. IgG), and live adenoviruses. “These sensitive therapeutic agents are ideally suited for advanced research applications to serve as scaffolding in regenerative medical applications,” TissueGen states.

8. Kinesio Tight: Enhancing athletic performance

Innovative German technical textiles producer Riedel Textil has introduced a new range of seamlessly knitted tights called KinesioTight, which have been scientifically developed to both improve sports performance and protect against injuries.


Developed in cooperation with sports and medical experts, KinesioTight is said to integrate the effects of the well known Kinesio Tape Method of treatment into functional sportswear.

9. Starlinger Introduces FIBC Loom RX 8.0

Austria-based woven plastic packaging production and plastic recycling machinery manufacturer Starlinger & Co. GmbH has introduced an eight-shuttle circular loom for producing high-quality polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tape fabric for heavy-duty applications such as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), tarpaulins, geotextiles and agrotextiles. The FIBC Loom RX 8.0 – based on the Starlinger SL and alpha loom concepts – features electronically controlled settings and technical features that facilitate handling and a smooth operation, Starlinger reports. In addition, the loom uses new materials that decrease strain and friction on the tapes and extend parts lifetimes, thereby reducing maintenance and spare-parts expenses.


The loom also is capable of producing fabrics weighing as little as 55 grams per square meter.

10. Techno-Kontrol Fire-Thermal Wave Protective Clothing

Techno Kontrol Fire Protective clothing is currently being tested on several of what has become to be known as the elite sectors in defence i.e. Fire Fighters, Military Personnel etc. and yet again via their R&D departments Techno Kontrol are setting new breakthrough technology standards within these industries.At present the current industry standard for fire protection is that of 650°C whereas our specially designed anti fire products have been proven to be able to withstand temperatures as high as 1600°C for more than one hour. Hence our products are not only lighter, more durable, more financially viable; they are also more fire resistant than the current industry standard.


Therefore we look forward to launching the products mentioned below throughout 2013. Due to the flexibility and thermal heat resistance of our alloy we have been able to successfully produce clothing such as jackets, pants, gloves, helmets, underwear and boots.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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