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Top ten latest technology introduced in textile

HeiQ at the forefront of innovation in textile technology

HeiQ has developed and improved its branding strategy to provide its brand partners with the most effective way of communicating the added value of the HeiQ technologies they use and drive bHeiQ_Logo2012_RGB_300x70usiness at point of sale.

HeiQ reinforces its position in the market as a game changer with the launch of its new umbrella branding strategy. Within the new branding strategy all the technologies sit under the HeiQ parent (or umbrella) brand. The new technology names all contain the HeiQ brand as well as the consumer benefit of the technology. Thus HeiQ’s intelligent dynamic cooling technology Adaptive becomes HeiQ Smart Temp and the fluorine-free water repellent technology Barrier Eco becomes HeiQ Eco Dry.
♦ HeiQ FreshTech(ex. Pure)
♦ HeiQ Smart Temp (ex. Adaptive)
♦ HeiQ Eco Dry (ex. Barrier Eco)
♦ HeiQ Glide (ex. Glider)
♦ HeiQ SunBlock(ex. Ultraviolet)

The new HeiQ naming allows the end consumer to quickly see what benefit the technology is providing and therefore quickly understand the added value and merit of the product enhanced with the HeiQ technology thus increasing chance of a successful conversion.

DuPont joins sustainability initiative
dupont_logo.png__640x360DuPont has joined the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative, a procurement-led initiative that develops and implements a global program to assess, audit and improve supplier sustainability practices within its member companies. DuPont is among the first U.S.-based members and is targeting completion of the TfS on-boarding process by the end of 2016, according to a press release.
Sustainability information obtained via third-party supplier assessments and audits are made available to other TfS members. This simplifies and streamlines the process to extend sustainability principles into the supply chain for manufacturers and creates an easier process for suppliers, who no longer have to complete individual, duplicative forms.

“Every day at DuPont, our goal is to drive sustainable growth by creating value for our customers, their consumers and society, while demonstrating corporate social responsibility, including that of our supply chain,” said Shelley Stewart, Jr., vice president of DuPont sourcing and logistics and chief procurement officer. “Including our suppliers in our overall assessment of our sustainability practices is a logical extension of our commitment to our core values. Joining Together for Sustainability is a significant step toward reaching this goal.”

Improved eco friendly denim finishing from Monforts

monforts_logoMonforts Monfortex compressive shrinkage ranges for denim finishing are now even more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.Stretching and skewing functions for the denim fabric can be performed by a modified Thermex Thermo stretch unit. This configuration allows fabric speeds of up to 40 m/min to be achieved with 14.5 oz/yd² denim on the single rubber version. A ‘double rubber’ version comprises two compressive shrinkage units and two felt calendars in line. Together with the innovative Thermex Thermo Stretch, fabric speeds of up to 80 m/min can be achieved with 14.5 oz/yd² denim.
On both range versions, the denim fabric is stretched and skewed far more gently than with conventional range combinations. With the larger diameter of the shrinkage cylinder in combination with the automatic rubber belt grinder, the standard is determined in shrinkage technology for minimum residual shrinkage values and optimum fabric hand. With a quick-change facility available only from Monforts, the shrinkage belt can be changed in the shortest possible time and standstill times are absolutely minimised.

Clariant Presents Colors for 2017 in the Newest Edition of Color Forward®
clariantClariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has released ColorForward® 2017, the 11th annual color forecasting guide for the plastics industry. The 2017 guide visualizes trends like data mining, growing social disconnection and the search for more meaningful lives. “Color Forward 2017 is very different from the 2016 edition we released a year ago,” explains Judith van Vliet, Color Works Designer at Color Works Europe, Merate, Italy. “We believe the mood is becoming a bit more fearful, more introspective and reflecting the disconnectedness that many people seem to be feeling today. There are some exceptions of course, but in general the colors are more muted, softer, darker and even ambiguous.”
“Different people will respond to Color Forward in different ways,” she says. Each of the trend themes is represented by a palette of five colors. These are not intended to predict the “next hot color,” however. Instead, they are presented to Clariant customers as a creative experience. For some, the trend themes and color palettes offer inspiration while, for others, they serve as confirmation of what they already think and see.

Arkema Introduces New Rilsan® Fine Powders Grade For Outdoor Furniture
euromold-arkemaThe Rilsan® fine powders product line has expanded its range of bio-based polyamide coating powders for the outdoor furniture market. Along with Rilsan® T Grey 9102 MAC and Rilsan® ES Grey 9132 MAC, Arkema now offers two grey-colored (RAL 7021) grades designed for fluidized bed dipping and electrostatic spraying.
These two grades were formulated to offer outstanding UV-resistance, while keeping core properties brought by Rilsan® fine powders PA11 coatings. These properties include long-term resistance to extreme maritime and industrial environments (*up to 15 years in C5-I, C5-M environments as defined in ISO 12944:1998 Part 2), anti-graffiti properties, fire resistance, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance. Outstanding mechanical properties are also inherited, which include impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, a unique grip, and warm-to-the-touch feel.

AATCC Announces Enhancements To Proficiency Testing Programs
AATCCThe new year brings some exciting changes to the AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs. AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs offer labs the opportunity to anonymously gauge their performance against that of hundreds of others around the globe. AATCC asked current program participants what could be improved. The Association is implementing some of those suggestions immediately.

Visual Color Evaluation
For the first time, labs will receive specimens for evaluation using AATCC Evaluation Procedure (EP) 2, Gray Scale for Staining. The program will continue to include specimens for evaluation using EP1, Gray Scale for Color Change. Each round will now include three color change specimens with corresponding controls, plus three staining specimens and a control.

Fiber Identification and Analysis
There are also big changes planned for the Fiber program. This program has historically included two blended fiber samples to be tested according to AATCC Test Method (TM) 20A, Fiber Analysis: Quantitative. Based on participant feedback, future samples will include some common blends as well as more exotic combinations. Beginning in February 2016, an additional sample will be included for testing by TM20, Fiber Analysis: Qualitative.

Alpha Ink Jets Introduces Chroma + Pigment Inks
Alpha Ink JetsAlpha Ink Jet, Linden, N.J., has introduced an eight-color set of Chroma + Pigment Inks available for any Epson printhead platform, and soon to also be available for Kyocera printheads. According to the company, the vibrant inks are suitable for direct printing on cotton and other substrates, have a high pigment concentration, and offer excellent adhesion and wash resistance. “When used in conjunction with our treatment, it increases the color gamut even more,” said Aaron Blank, new business development manager, Alpha Ink Jet.

Jabil and Clothing+ Introduce Smart Garment Solution
JabilMasterLogo_PMSElectronic product solutions company Jabil Circuit Inc and Clothing+, acquired by Jabil in June 2015, have introduced Peak+™ an innovative smart garment reference design for building an integrated textile heart rate monitoring solution. Jabil and Clothing+ partnered with Suunto – a manufacturer of heart rate monitors – and First beat – a provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing.

“Building an integrated textile Heart Rate Monitoring solution today requires very different competencies and capabilities, which often turn into a guessing game between multiple vendors trying to piece it all together,” said John Dargan, Jabil senior vice president and CEO of Clothing+. “With Peak+, we’re offering customers in the fitness, fashion and healthcare markets a strong competitive advantage with a unique, custom solution that gives them easy entry into the high-growth wearable’s market.”

Colorant Textile Dyes tackle sustainability
ColorentNew dyes from Colorant Ltd, India are said to use less water and energy, and decrease processing skills in comparison to conventional dyes, in a bid to tackle environmental and sustainability issues of the textile wet processing industry. The dyes are in highly concentrated and crude form .It is also salt free reactive dyes. It is called Pure Dyes. If you dye Medium to Dark shades using this dyes you have to use less dyes which means less salt, less soda and less washing and soaping process required. It will result in less effluent load.

It is known as Environmental Conscious Dyes. The dyes are named as CES SERIES. The Trichromy used for Cotton Fiber and Yarn Dyeing, Knitted and Woven Fabrics Dyeing. It is widely accepted by the Indian and International Market. It is specially designed for for Exhaust dyeing
It is suitable for Light, Medium, and Dark & Heavy Dark Shades. It is GOTS approved. It is a new range of High Tinctorial Value, Good Robustness, Extraordinary Color Value, Unmatchable Lab to Bulk and Bulk to Bulk Reproducibility. It is also very cost effective. Less chance of Reprocessing of Dyed lots .It increases the RFT percentage. Following are the three dyes- COLRON GOLDEN YELLOW CES, COLRON RED CES, and COLRON BLUE CES

Italian apparel firm New Twins selects Lectra’s PLM suite
lectraLectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, has announced that Italian apparel company New Twins has chosen Lectra Fashion PLM to connect its product development team with the creative department at cashmere and knitwear brand Falconeri, part of the Calzedonia Group.

The apparel company develops and produces men’s and women’s knitwear for Falconeri, which is currently pursuing an aggressive plan to expand business internationally and increase its market share in Italy and across Europe. As the complexity and volume of orders increase, New Twins needed a way to improve workflow between its own teams and Falconeri’s, so that the two companies can work together efficiently as one cohesive team.

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