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Tosrifa Industries Ltd-Fabric Division is the highest LEED Platinum scoring knit dyeing factory in the world

The journey of Tosrifa Industries Limited-Fabric Division that started in the year 2015 through the path of excellence in sustainability has finally reached to one of the desired statuses with the advent of LEED Platinum Certification.

Tosrifa Industries Limited– Fabric Division is now the highest LEED Platinum scoring knit dyeing factory in the world with 87 points. They have reached a prestigious milestone of creating healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green building through this accreditation.

Tosrifa Industries Ltd LEED Platinum

Tosrifa Industries Limited (TIL) has been entrusted by the global RMG buyers and retailers as one of the prime Bangladeshi hubs for manufacturing quality apparels for more than two decades now. TIL is a 100% export oriented company; exporting knit apparels all over the world, especially in the European market.

The sister concern of Northern Tosrifa Group, TIL has implemented a number of sustainable technologies and processes which was thought to be impossible to apply for knit fabric in Bangladesh.

The Fabric Division of Tosrifa Industries Limited is the biggest unit of NTG to date. Established with a view to addressing the growing market demand of finished fabric, this massive production unit is using the most advanced technologies and management protocols; ensuring efficient resource consumption and effective waste management

The fashion industry set to reduce its environmental impact! The world’s largest fashion companies like H&M, Mustang, Next, C&A, GAP and many more are thriving towards reducing environmental impacts through “Eco-friendly” clothing. As a result, all the manufacturer across the globe are shifting towards ‘Water and Energy’ efficient production.

Tosrifa Industries Ltd (TIL) has deployed a CPB Fabric Dyeing unit and achieved 60% less water and 38% less energy. In addition, the low-temperature dyeing uses minimal salt and thereby major reduction on effluents TDS.

Tosrifa Industries Limited- Fabric Division at a glance

Mother company Northern Tosrifa Group
Location Gazipur, Bangladesh
Plant facility 1.4 million sq. ft.
Dyeing capacity 25 ton/day
Certifications LEED Platinum, GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100
Award Textile Institute UK’s Sustainability Award 2019


In terms of sourcing of the production equipment, characteristics of eco-friendliness along with sustainability were given preference. Dyeing at CPB, less water consuming water fixture as well as plumping systems, husk boiler, etc. are tangible evidence in which they create an impact on sustainability.

Other than equipment or machinery, the production materials are also maintained to be sustainable. They source environment-friendly and organic products I.E. BCI Cotton, Animal Wool, Organic cotton of GOTS and OCS standard, recycled cotton.

Cold Pad Batch (CPB) dyeing

Shifting to CPB dyeing, a dying process that attempts the utmost cost-effective and advantageous approach of dyeing cotton with reactive dyestuffs is the most prominent one. The elimination of salt addition also supports the minimum energy and water consumptions; hence rendering it more eco-friendly and the fixation of dye is also high.

Cold pad batch is known since many years to the dyers worldwide but NTG is one of the very few handful companies in Bangladesh who are adopting this technology.

They have many other sustainable best practices listed below-

  • Husk Boiler
  • Servo Motor
  • Solar Panel
  • Lighting Management for Energy-use Reduction through Scheduling
  • Energy Audit for Energy-use Trend Analysis & Reduction Opportunities
  • Use recycled cotton
  • Rainwater harvesting facility
  • Environment-friendly ETP
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