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Training and development can be driving forces of RMG’s better future

The RMG sector is one of the most promising and blooming sectors of our country. Being a corporate trainer, I had the honor and privilege of working with many major brands and companies belonging to the RMG sector, including H&M, Li &Fung, Auchan Apparel, Next Sourcing, R-pac, Epyllion Group, Envoy Denim, etc.

Training and development, BD RMG

As promising as the sector is, it cannot be denied that with the proper training and development, this industry can reach milestones that it has been aiming for.

Many of the big companies have the capability to be the best not only in the country but also on a global scale. Among other versatile factors, human resource development will be a frontier to achieve and sustain such heights.

From my firsthand experience with the industry, training and development can be deemed as one of the driving forces for this industry to do wonders in the future.

Polishing existing resources

The people already working in the RMG sector are most definitely worthy of the position that they hold in the industry. However, can you imagine how advanced it can be if they are properly trained?

The prospects are high in this industry and getting into such a high demanding industry is not an easy job. So, the ones who are lucky enough to grab a position here, they must keep upgrading themselves through training and development to sustain in the long run.

Ghulam Sumdany Don, Professional Corporate Trainer
figure: Ghulam Sumdany Don, Professional Corporate Trainer.

Talking the universal language

The RMG industry is highly dependent on communication in English. People working in this sector must have good command over English and should be well groomed.

As this is an industry that represents our country on an international platform. The standards must be maintained without any compromise.

Compete with upcoming automation

We cannot deny the fact that the way technology is improving, very soon the upcoming automation will take over the necessity of direct human involvement in this ever-growing sector.

To do so, it is essential to focus on soft skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy. Because no matter how advanced technology gets, it will never reach a point in which they can imitate human emotions or make decisions through empathy.

We cannot deny the fact that the way technology is improving, very soon the upcoming automation will take over the necessity of direct human involvement in this ever-growing sector.

Making good use of local talent

Statistics show that majority of the leading textile or garment organizations put their faith on foreign managers or senior correspondents when it comes to appointing for a higher position.

As a trainer, I got the opportunity to talk to the CEOs or COO’s of many big organizations, when I asked them why they prefer hiring people from other countries for these roles, the majority of them answered that they do not find eligible candidates for the role in our country.

Does that mean we do not have talented people who can run such a big organization? Of course not. There are many people who are highly capable to take on the task but because of lack of proper training and grooming, they miss the opportunity.

The significance of learning and development cannot be covered in just one article. What I have seen from my experience, this industry has every element to be one of the top money-generating sectors of our country.

So, for now, the focus must be targeted towards proper training and development in the sector so we can thrive to be the best in business all across the world.

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