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Türkiye: a leading apparel sourcing hub for Europe

In the recent global disruption of supply chains across industries – the traditional distant manufacturing hubs has been put under a lot strain and challenges. Especially in the fashion apparel industry. for instance, traditionally Europe source readymade garment (RMG) items from South East Asian countries – this practice is witnessing a transformation. And Türkiye has been emerging as a reliable RMG supplying hub for Europe.


Türkiye’s close geopolitical proximity makes it an excellent apparel-sourcing destination for the European Union (EU) countries. Türkiye has a logistic benefit and is very near to the markets. Giving it a logistic edge over other Asian apparel manufacturing hubs. Türkiye is only three day drive away from Europe, Russia and many other countries. Whereas it takes around 45 days from China to deliver a shipment.

And Türkiye’s İstanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) tells why the country is so highly viewed as a near-sourcing RMG supplier to Europe. In the January to June period of 2022, Türkiye exported $10.89 billion worth of apparel. witnessing a 20.38% growth.

Türkiye has a strong footing in the RMG manufacturing industry and the country is the sixth major apparel supplier in the world. Turkish textile and apparel industry exported $31.2bn worth of apparel in 2021. Making Türkiye one of the most significant and foremost actors in the international apparel industry.

While it was the third biggest supplier of the EU –The profound incorporation between the Turkish RMG industry and the EU fashion apparel industry established with Europe and international brands and buyers over the years and the RMG industry tracks the same significances and principles that outline the international value chain. Which has given Türkiye a lot of information, capacity and manpower buildup. So, apparel entrepreneurs can deliver and provide the need of European customers.

Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (İHKİB) – a leading apparel representative organization – stated that Türkiye’s textile and apparel industries make up almost 70% of its exports to the EU market. The main attraction for EU brands is that Türkiye’s apparel manufacturers produce apparel under the stringent regular auditing of Western retailers and are inspected under EU-level national labor laws.

On top of it, Türkiye’s apparel industry uses legislation based on European standards. And it is one of the main rewards and strong point of Türkiye’s apparel industry that it has a profound experience and expertise in making the highest value apparel for top markets of Europe.

Furthermore, Türkiye has very high values in terms of human rights, working conditions and environment standards. Türkiye’s legislature is based on European standards cheers to its 27-year-old Customs Union with the EU, the candidate status for membership to the EU and its labor laws are in agreement with EU legislation.

The garment industry in Türkiye is booming and it is growing fast. All Türkish garment factories are booked from February to March. The Russia-Ukraine situation has fueled a change in Europe’s supply chain. As the continent is facing a supply chain catastrophe. Which is why RMG sourcing from Türkiye augmented a lot.

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