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“Türkish machinery is up to 20% cheaper than European machinery”

KOMİD (Türkish Garment Automation and Machinery Manufacturers Association) is established for all types of Türkish machinery, automation, IT solution manufacturers for the garment industry. Türkish machinery manufacturers are growing their success in global markets and in the domestic apparel market, adding more value to the Türkish economy and brand perception every day by exceeding the world-recognized technology standards.

In this context, it is extremely important for both stakeholders and the country’s economy that Türkish companies manufacturing automation machinery can gather within the framework of their common interests, grow in international markets by making sectoral evaluations and strategic partnerships and collaborations together. For this reason, it is extremely essential to increase the number of KOMİD members and similar specialty associations.

Tuncay KORU-KOMİD-International Garment Machinery Expo-Türkiye
Figure 1: Tuncay KORU, President, KOMİD.

Today on 10 September, Tuncay KORU, President, KOMİD shared KOMİD’s vision and aim with Tareq Amin, Editor, Textile Today in the International Garment Machinery Expo (IGM) in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Textile Today: Kindly share us the KOMİD’s vision and aim.

Tuncay KORU: KOMİD was founded two and a half years ago. Now we have around 60 members and our members are growing rapidly. Our number one aim is to increase the export of Türkish textile and garment machinery. Obviously, our main target export markets are countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and North African countries for our garment and textile machinery.

KOMİD has been helping its members to participate in leading International Exhibitions, solve legal, transport, logistics, etc. problems. As an association, we help our members to grow in business.

Textile Today: As a machinery manufacturing country what is the strength of Türkish machinery companies?

Tuncay KORU: Global textile and apparel industry is still looks up to European machinery – when it comes to quality, innovation and automation – as they are the top quality provider of machinery. On the other hand, Türkish garment machinery manufacturers are picking up the pace in terms of innovation and automation to reach European quality. We have relatively cheap labor, as a result, price-wise, Türkish machinery companies provide machinery up to 15% to 20% cheaper than European machinery.

In addition, Türkiye has a logistic advantage and is very close to the markets. Giving us a logistic edge over China. As we are only three days’ drive away from Europe, Russia and many other countries. Whereas it take around 45 days from China to deliver a machine.

Tuncay KORU-KOMİD-International Garment Machinery Expo-Türkiye-Textile-today
Figure 2: Tuncay KORU in Textile Today booth in IGM.

As for textile and garment prospects, Türkiye is one of the top 5 textile and garment manufacturing countries. The bigger the industry grows – the bigger the prospect for machinery manufacturers. Now, you can see in this IGM Expo itself, that most of the exhibitors are machinery manufacturers. It depicts our transformation over the 10 to 15 years – from textile machinery importing nation, we are now exporting.

Textile Today: How did Türkiye achieve this transformation in this short span of time?

Tuncay KORU: Türkish Machinery manufacturers have a long history of working with European manufacturers from fixing, repairing and supporting them. Which has given us a lot of information, capacity and manpower buildup. So, entrepreneurs with technical background realized that they can build and provide same quality as of Europeans.

Also, it is possible due to the widely availability of programmable components, spare parts, CAD drawings, and available PSE units. Meaning, that entrepreneurs do not need to invest a considerable amount to initiate production. This is how the transformation happened in this short span of time.

Textile Today: Kindly share us the prospect of Türkish garment industry.

Tuncay KORU: Türkish garment industry is growing rapidly. All Türkiysh garment factories are booked from February to March.

The garment industry in Türkiye is booming. It is also due to the Russia-Ukraine situation – as Europe is facing a supply chain crisis. Which is why Sourcing from Türkiye increased a lot. I will say, that not only the garment sector is booming but other industries are also booked.

On the other hand, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has negatively impacted us as sourcing spare parts and other components become difficult and costly. In addition, the rising inflation and Türkish Lira devaluation against US$ in Türkiye is severely hampering the manufacturing sector.

Textile Today: Kindly share us the local and international percentage of sales in IGM Exhibition.

Tuncay KORU: In IGM, the sales is 20 local and 80 global. This is a professional Exhibition. And we are really happy with the standards. A huge number of local and global exhibitors, industry people are participating in IGM.

Textile Today: How Türkiysh govt. is aiding the sector?

Tuncay KORU: I would urge the Türkish govt. to give us more support as we are not receiving proper support. Also, customs processing should be smoothened to help us in reducing lead time and reduce cost. We also urge the Türkiysh govt. to exempt the sample fabric and spare parts from the custom procedure.

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