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UK invests heavily in advanced materials research

United Kingdom is investing heavily to boost research and development in advanced materials. As part of initial phase of investment, UK’s government is investing 128 million British Pounds to host Henry Royce Institute at The University of Manchester, which will have an estimated investment of about 235 million pounds from the government.

Figure 1: This is the first look at the £150m Manchester building of the Henry Royce Institute
Figure 1: This is the first look at the £150m Manchester building of the Henry Royce Institute

The initial investment will cater towards building and equipment. The institute will cater towards R&D of advanced materials for various sectors such as energy materials, nuclear and aerospace.

According to Mr. Jo Johnson, UK’s Minister for Universities and Science, the funding will help with the development of advanced materials such as graphene for different fields such as aerospace and healthcare.

The institute will comprise of seven research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom such as Manchester, Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Imperial College and two national laboratories that focus on nuclear and fusion energy research.

In speaking with this scribe recently, Daniel Cochlin of Henry Royce Institute said the building in Manchester will be up by the middle of 2019. Mr. Chochlin stated that the institute would focus on inventing and improving new materials that will perform better catering to advanced sectors.

The UK has already invested heavily in the National Graphene Institute that opened in 2015, which has attracted good support from the Europe Union as well.

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