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Ultra-realistic 3D printed masks

People have seen ultra-realistic mask in the Hollywood action spy movie Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. A similar fit has been achieved by the Japanese designer Shuhei Okawara. Anyone can literally be someone else by wearing these 3D printed masks.

Figure 1: 3D-printed realistic masks. Courtesy: Shuheiokawara/Instagram

Okawara has a mask and theatrical accessories shop in Tokyo, Kamenya Omote, for which he thought these new additions could be fun. These masks are ultra-realistic, and in October, Okawara asked anonymous Japanese adults if they’d offer their features to be recreated into realistic masks. 100 people came forward, each receiving 40,000 yen for their faces ($386).

Afterword, contributors sent photos of their face, which an artisan used to rework and 3D print into masks. Creating a canny look and feel of original human face.

Okawara hopes to expand the range of faces to include non-Japanese faces too.

Figure 2: The 3D-printed masks will go on sale early next year for 98,000 yen each ($946) in Okawara’s shop.

“As is often the case with the customers of my shop, there are not so many people who buy (face masks) for specific purposes. Most see them as art pieces,” Okawara told.

Though these 3D-printed masks aren’t meant to be a form of protection against any viruses, explained their creator, Shuhei Okawara to Reuters, they’re mostly meant for some fun — for instance, for cosplay.

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