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UMass Dartmouth unlocks biodegradability laboratory

Recently, the University of Massachusetts has opened a new laboratory at the School for Marine Science and Technology on its Dartmouth campus to research, learning and product development facility on the biodegradable materials.

UMass Dartmouth
Figure: UMass Dartmouth unlocks biodegradability laboratory.

The university website says, the new laboratory is called the Biodegradability Laboratory and with its creation UMass Dartmouth aims to explore the “development of biodegradable and ocean-safe plastics and other materials by accelerating their path to market with a focus on increasing sustainability.”

Besides that, for evaluating plastic biodegradability by measuring biodegradation of products in environmental systems there are a lot of plastic waste continues to be found such as landfills, oceans, wastewater, soil and compost.

The laboratory was designed under the critical supervision of a variety of experts who provided feedback, including chemical engineers, environmental scientists and textiles engineers from partner PrimaLoft.

Also, on the project they include the material science company PrimaLoft which specializes in developing sustainable high-performance insulations and fabrics, along with Radical Plastics of Beverly, Paramount Planet Product, UMass Boston, UMass Lowell, and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Boston-based SeaAhead, and the U.S. Army Soldier Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center.

Pat Larkin, Deputy Director, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative said, “UMass Dartmouth is a perfect location for this new facility, to build on the university’s strong marine science and engineering focus, coupled with the South Coast’s strong heritage of textile innovation.”

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