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Understanding retail seasons and fashion trends

Understanding fashion trends forecast is one of the most difficult and calculative work for all, however, to be successful in the fashion business one needs to understand the fashion trends.

Figure: To be successful in the fashion business one needs to understand the fashion trends.

To understand trends, fashion house needs to clear knowhow on retail seasons. To have the sense of retail season is also vital for the manufacturers who approaching independent design to their respected buyers. Do not forget that season is not same for the all countries. You will find variance among seasons of different countries.

Sense of seasons: retail

Particulars Spring Summer Autumn/Fall Winter Hemispheres
UK Mar to May June to Aug September to November December to February Northern
AUS Sep to Nov December to February Mar to May June to Aug Southern
USA Mar to May June to Aug September to November December to February Northern
Russia April to May June to Aug September to October November to March Northern
China Mar to May June to Aug September to November December to March Northern
Middle East May to September October to April Northern

Retail Calendar: Every Marketing team member should aim at the following major 20 retail seasons-

SL Retail seasons In-Store Month Of What
1 Resolution shopping season Jan New year shopping, New product promotions
2 Health and wellness season


Jan to Feb The season of health and wellness, encourages healthy food, beverages, fitness equipment and thus a lot of fitness apparel including sports activewear and yoga wear is present throughout the markets during these months, along with accessories that include headbands, wristbands, socks, etc. 
3 Super Bowl season


Jan to Feb During Super Bowl weekend, shoppers spend on jerseys, T-shirts, helmets, hats, knit hats, sweatshirts designed especially for the games every year. 
4 Valentine’s day


Feb Valentine’s Day is one of those days in the year where retailers expect big apparel sales, especially in the color red, sold throughout February in bulk amounts. Valentine’s Day apparel includes everything from intimate lingerie, to dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts with slogans, etc. for both men and women targeting all age groups from teens to adults.
5 Resort collections


Mar A new trend with international designers who came up with exclusive resort collections that do not go on the ramps but hit directly for sale on their websites or as collaborations with retail stores. Consisting of individual pieces and dresses with colors and cuts designed to keep the new Spring/Summer season in mind, these collections also include layering pieces such as summer cardigans, shrugs and overthrows.
6 Easter


Mar Easter Sunday is typically the well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches, which brings a boost in sales with apparel retailers. Comprising of colorful apparel and accessories, the season is a hit with apparel manufacturers as many children ranging from infants, toddlers, kids and tweens look forward to treats and new outfits on Easter morning which include T-shirts, hoodies, rompers, jumpers, dresses, etc.
7 St. Patrick’s day


Mar St. Patrick’s Day, a cultural and religious holiday in the United States. Shops are full of clothes and other merchandise for the festival, wherein retailers come out with exclusive lines targeted towards Irish Americans.
8 Lawn and garden season



April This retail season comes with preparations by people to plant new flowers, trees, establishing new lawns for both domestic and commercial set-ups. The sales of accessories, such as gloves and aprons with Teflon stain protection to repel dirt and stains rises with loose and functional apparel is seen.
9 Earth day


April The day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment globally, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing is the products being sold this season. Apparels made from organic fibers, organic cotton, and by adopting a manufacturing process that does not harm the environment, retailers worldwide are using ‘Earth Day’ as a tool for inspiring shoppers to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.
10 Spring/summer


Mar to Aug (northern) & Sep to Feb (Southern) Considered as one of the biggest retail seasons on the fashion charts.
11 Allergy/virus Season




The late spring allergy season similar to the cold, cough and flu season that falls in winter. Profitable for apparel retailers and manufacturers dealing with technical textiles, this season comprises the biggest supply of anti-allergy/virus masks and performance apparel for consumers.
12 4th of July


July US Independence Day. A big day for apparel retailers, the merchandise includes flags, souvenirs, and slogan apparel selling everywhere from the streets to retail giants.
13 Back-to-school


Aug to Sep Considered as one of the largest sales seasons. The back-to-school season aims at preparing the students for the upcoming academic year with academic items, uniforms, etc.
14 Pre-fall


Pre-Autumn/Fall Similar to resort wear, pre-fall a new addition to the fashion seasons, offers a commercial range of clothes where the sun rules the day and the winds hold the nights. Yet again developed by designers and fashion retail giants both in stores and online, these collections inaugurate the upcoming season of Autumn/Winter.
15 Fall party season


Autumn/Fall With the winters on the doorstep, people start celebrating the subtle chill of the arriving winters and therefore the fall party season is also called an early entertaining season. Retailers provide the consumers with the first and fresh designs of winter wear that includes sweaters and mostly cheap yet comfortable apparel.
16 Pink ribbon day


Oct Better known as the Breast Cancer Awareness Day, the day as its name suggests is all about the prevention and support for all those affected by breast cancer. Though, not a recognized base for retail yet, a lot of brands and retail outlets recently have made special collections in pink color with all funds raised being donated to Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day.
17 Halloween


Oct Halloween, the last day of October, is today a major retailing phenomenon that begins in September and segues into the Christmas shopping season. Spending on exotic costumes worn at theme parties, Halloween also serves as an indicator to the retailers of how strong the holiday season would be in the coming months.
18 Thanksgiving and Black Friday


Nov It’s considered the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The season witnessed sales of almost all kinds of winter clothing (AUS-Summer) available as fresh collections in stores throughout.
19 Autumn/winter


Sep to Feb (northern) & Mar to Aug (Southern) Outerwear as the major category, other winter accessories like shoes, mufflers, stoles, gloves and caps together form this season’s merchandise.
20 Christmas holidays


Dec The busiest and the highest-selling shopping season of the year, Christmas is the time when the shoppers buy at their peak. Considered as the biggest opportunity for retailers to make additional profits to balance out any low sales made throughout the year, Christmas merchandise is one of the happiest and vibrant collections being worked on throughout the globe. Also, a part of the holiday season is Boxing Day, traditionally a day following Christmas in the UK, but now observed the world over, wherein existing merchandise is offered with dramatic price reductions, becoming the day of the year with the greatest revenue.

When should you start planning for clothing design?

Once you have the proper understanding of the season and upcoming trends, you need to have plans to capture the season and trends. So, you need to start clothing designs nearly a year in advance, because it will take time to manufacture.

You need time to design, create your tech pack, send it to your manufacturer, receive your sample, make adjustments as needed, and possibly create a second sample before you finalize your product design so that production can begin.

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