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Uster closes acquisition of EVS for sustainable performance

The Uster Group is one of the leading high-technology instrument manufacturers of products for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry. Recently Uster Technologies AG has announced the successful closing of the acquisition of Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS) for automated vision inspection in the textile industry, said an official press release.

Uster closes acquisition of EVS for sustainable performanceAccording to the release, this development shows USTER’s competencies in quality control and strengthens its product portfolio. The benefits of these EVS’s products are to automatically locate, label and trace defects of fabric and web products, and ultimately to grade the quality and determine the value of the produced goods.

This acquisition fits perfectly into their vision to be the world’s leading supplier of quality solutions for the textile industry from fiber to fabric. In this aspect the release said quoting Thomas Nasiou, Chief Executive Officer of USTER, “I am delighted that we are now able to finalize this major milestone, which embodies the strengthening of USTER’s activities across the globe.”

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In addition, Sam Cohen, CEO of EVS, has quoted that “They have made during the last few years in improving their products and services leading to increased customer satisfaction.” “And now, they are looking forward to continue working for EVS, as part of USTER, and combining their offering. I believe that we will demonstrate the potential to provide our customers with new, innovative products that can address unmet needs,” he added.

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