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Uster enters a new dimension with USTER® STATISTICS 2018

Uster Technologies has launched USTER® STATISTICS 2018 for its customers. On 15 October, a press release said that fiber purchasing, yarn development, and trading would be virtually unthinkable without USTER® STATISTICS.

Uster launches USTER® STATISTICS 2018
Figure: Uster launches USTER® STATISTICS 2018. Courtesy: Uster Technologies.

According to the press release, the ‘global language of textile quality’ enters a new dimension with USTER® STATISTICS 2018 available as a mobile application – simply called the STATISTICS app – for PCs and all mobile devices. New quality characteristics, as well as extended yarn count ranges and novel yarn types, will further thrill the users of the USTER® STATISTICS 2018.

For the first time, USTER® STATISTICS is now offered in an app format – meeting the increasingly mobile requirements of the industry and the world. For this new era, the knowledge base and data in the app are portable and quickly accessible at any time, even if no internet connection is available; said the release.


Highlights of USTER® STATISTICS 2018

USTER® STATISTICS 2018 – The common quality language for the textile industry is now available as an app for all devices.

USTER® STATISTICS 2018 includes new quality characteristics, extended yarn count ranges and simply more yarn types – illustrated in nearly 4,000 graphs.

Its data is cloud-based and therefore new data and features will be introduced to USTER® STATISTICS faster than before.

24/7 access to the global benchmarks – with and without network connectivity – allows flexibility and efficiency simultaneously.

Personalization of the content view e.g. by choosing default units or the preferred language from the extensive language selection for barrier-free communication throughout the entire textile world.

A built-in print function generates PDF files of selected benchmarks, for sharing digitally or printing out as required.

A growing FAQ area embedded in the app, available 24/7.

Advanced interactive tables, charts, and numeric tables – as well as processing view options –provide reliable comparisons to global markets to guarantee the requested yarn quality and propose a fair value for the products.

The unique and enlarged dataset enables objective specification and communication of quality and therefore allows easy access to performance data.

An outstanding feature of USTER® STATISTICS 2018 is a virtually seamless blended yarn range. Users can enter their chosen blend ratio in 1% steps. A graph relating to the input value is then selected in the background. This fulfills requests by many users for more blended yarn options in USTER® STATISTICS.

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