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USTER made a miraculous safeguard for spinning mill

USTER, aleading high-technology instrument manufacturer of products has launched an essential safeguard named USTER®JOSSI FIRE SHIELD for every spinning mill with special benefits for synthetic yarn producers. The USTER®JOSSI FIRE SHIELD, has the multi-sensor technology needed to identify every type of fire risk, right at the start of the mill process, combined with the sophistication to distinguish between dangerous heat sources and harmless electrostatic discharges.

Potentially, the blow room in a typical spinning plant is a fertile source of sparks, with dry fiber passing through metallic elements and transport ducting. Stone or metal particles left in the fiber can hit steel machine parts and cause sparks, or cotton can become entangled around fast-moving components and be ignited by friction. The airflow along the ducting heightens the risk and will quickly accelerate any flame. When a fire alarm is activated, the whole mill production comes to a halt, so that the cause can be investigated. Detailed checks can easily take an hour and more, but it’s a necessary precaution, since there are numerous possibilities: cotton fibers can wind around metal and cause friction, for example; or fire can lie dormant deep within a bale until the fibers reach the ducting. With the USTER®JOSSI FIRESHIELDall of these hazardous occurrences are pinpointed, as the system detects, diverts and extinguishes the smallest embers and sparks before they can cause problems.



The USTER®JOSSI FIRE SHIELD operates with greatest sensitivity on all heat sources makes a difference to the peace of mind of the mill owner and personnel, regarding both the security of their assets as well as safety in the workplace. Differentiation of harmless heat sources also ensures production is stable, efficiencies optimized and profitability protected. USTER®JOSSI FIRE SHIELD offers lifetime protection for a spinning mill, which is why it is recommended for new start-ups as well as existing enterprises, whether producing cotton yarns, synthetics or blends. For enhanced safeguarding, mills can also opt for the USTER®JOSSI COMBO SHIELD solution. This combines USTER®JOSSI FIRE SHIELDwith USTER®JOSSI METAL SHIELD, which provides effective metal detection to prevent costly mechanical damage to machinery and components.

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