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How USTERIZED® mills can look forward to business advantages

When USTER sends its experts to carry out periodic audits at USTERIZED® certified mills. Here, the mill management and staff can expect an extremely positive experience, with nothing but good advice for future business progress.

Muraliganesh K., USTERIZED® auditor working for the USTER
Figure: Muraliganesh K., USTERIZED® auditor working for the USTER subsidiary in India.

An insight into the working life of a USTERIZED® auditor is instructive. Muraliganesh K. is one of 11 auditors of USTER. Specialists like him from the company’s Textile Technology department execute around 60 audits each year to re-certify USTERIZED® members or to carry out initial audits of spinning mills wishing to acquire the USTERIZED® quality label. Murali works for the USTER subsidiary in India and visits every year an average of 18 customers mainly in India and South East Asia.

Audit process

The need for the audits is clear, but it would be wrong to misinterpret this as a kind of examination. Murali and his colleagues make critical checks on equipment and how it‘s maintained, as well as measuring other factors such as how climatic conditions in the laboratory are maintained. They also take a close look at all relevant parameters in each process step and recommend actions in case of outliers. The auditors will also carry out a walkthrough of the spinning mill, to identify improvement areas. Finally, they review sample plans and discuss how yarn quality profiles are used with customers. This process is a must: the audit requires evidence of consistent quality in the material being produced, as well as a continuous improvement program in the spinning mill.

USTERIZED® doesn’t mean just keeping a high-quality standard in processes and products. It’s about continuously raising the bar.

Andreas Birsner, Head of USTERIZED, Uster Technologies

Customers the winners

Feedback from certified mills shows they appreciate the regular audits, especially for the multiple benefits they gain from the USTER specialists casting an expert eye over every step of their production. And the ultimate advantage is seen on the yarn buyers’ side. Customers of USTERIZED® mills know that they follow state-of-the-art quality management disciplines, not only at the time of initial certification but continuously for long as they are certified.

“USTERIZED® doesn’t mean just keeping a high-quality standard in processes and products. It’s about continuously raising the bar,” says Andreas Birsner, Head of USTERIZED at Uster Technologies.

USTER is committed to working on further development of quality management, to the benefit of its USTERIZED® members (see www.uster.com/usterizedmembers for the complete member list), as well as for yarn buyers, creating all-round trust in this USTER quality seal for spinning mills.

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