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Vicunha-Goldschmied comes together with ‘Absolut Eco’ denim fabric

The new eco range of denim fabric ‘Absolut Eco’ for spring/summer 2020 saves up to 95% water and up to 90% chemicals during its production process.

Brazilian denim giant Vicunha Textil and denim guru Adriano Goldschmied have come together to work for a sustainability project aiming to reduce water consumption in the production of denim.

Vicunha-Goldschmied Absolut Eco denim
Figure: Vicunha, Adriano Goldschmied collaborate on new recycled denim. Courtesy: Vicunha Textil.

According to a statement of Vicunha, Producing the Absolut Eco collection with pre-consumer recycled fabric reduces the water consumption of the collection by 95 percent and also removes 90 percent of the chemicals used in a typical production cycle. The pieces require little to no washing owed to being composed of pre-consumer fabric that has already been treated.

Absolut Eco relies on the ‘special character’ of the original fabric to provide the collection with its light indigo coloring and the authentic denim look and feel consumers expect, said the release.

Absolut Eco includes two items made of 100% cotton: ‘Pine’ with 11 oz. and ‘Morus’ with 11.3 oz., which guarantee the authentic denim look. And also ‘Agar’, a cotton-elastane item with a stretch of 30% for added comfort and flexibility in 10.3 oz.

With producing more than 20 million meters of fabric every month, sustainability has become a vital part of carrying the business into the future. In working toward that goal, Vicunha has simultaneously released details for a plan called ‘Vicunha Pegada Hídrica,’ which roughly translates as Vicunha’s ‘footprint,’ Vicunha said in a press release.

If implemented successfully according to the plan, Vicunha Pegada Hídrica would precisely calculate water consumption, starting at the planting of the first cottonseed and ending once the lifecycle of a pair of jeans has completed. It will also use this new information for future water conservation efforts.

“The responsible use of resources has always been extremely important to Vicunha. With this project, we are developing a new specific instrument with practical follow-up measures to improve the use of natural resources, in particular, water. This also includes defining goals to increase efficiency in these environmental efforts and to continuously improve the results,” Marcel Imaizumi, Production Director of Vicunha Textil said.

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