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Viyellatex achieves Bluesign® certificate for first time as Bangladeshi apparel manufacturer

A certificate giving ceremony was held on 29 November at Le Meridien, Dhaka where Viyellatex Group received Bluesign® certificate for the very first time as apparel manufacturer of Bangladesh.

Viyellatex achieves Bluesign® certificate
Figure 1: From left, Yaman Hasanat, Executive Assistant, Viyellatex; Ahasan Kabir Khan, Vice Chairman, Viyellatex Group; David Hasanat, Chairman, Viyellatex Group; Walter Streitler, Director Sales – Asia; Md. Shahan Reza, Country Relation Manager, Bluesign, Abdur Rashid, Country Manager, SGS Bangladesh; Md. Salim Akhtar Khan, CFOO, Viyellatex; Shourav Kumar, Executive EHS, HR, Viyellatex were present at the certificate handover ceremony.

Bluesign Technologies AG, the global partner of a sustainable textile production, was founded in Switzerland in 2000. The unique combination of expertise in key segments of the textile production- like chemistry, textile technology, environmental technology, and supply chain management- characterizes the company. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production.

Walter Streitler, Head Customer Relation Asia, said, “Viyellatex is the first Bluesign® certified company of Bangladesh who can use the label Bluesign® approved.”

“For the last 18 years Bluesign® has been providing solutions for chemicals management and supporting the entire textile value chain, which required a screening and a permanent monitoring of all working processes within the whole production chain (spinning mill, weaving mill, dyeing and finishing) as well as all raw materials used in those processes. Bluesign® covers environmental health and safety issues in the manufacturing of textiles. By doing all good things Viyellatex gained the certificate. Now it is time to follow other companies to come in the sustainability process as it is a dire need for the growth of Bangladesh,” he continued.

Viyellatex is the first Bluesign® certified company of Bangladesh who can use the label Bluesign® approved.

Walter Streitler, Head Customer Relation Asia, Bluesign®

David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex, said, “It is not so easy to become sustainable but we had to be sustainable because we consider it as a social responsibility. Viyellatex was very much committed in this regard.”

David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex
Figure 2: David Hasanat, Chairman of Viyellatex.

“When the brands are adopting a standard, it means the supplying companies to the brands must have Bluesign® certificates. As the standard is mainly for controlling dyes and chemicals, the processing factories require using Bluesign® certified dyes and chemicals. Together we can achieve more; there are tangible and intangible benefits as well,” he added.

Shahan Reza, Country Relation Manager, Bangladesh, highlighted the importance of Bluesign® and said, “As Bangladesh is producing textile and apparel for most of the top and recognized brands of the world, Bangladeshi manufacturing mills have to adopt Bluesign® standard. Input supplying companies to Bangladeshi textile manufacturing mills particularly the dyes and chemicals suppliers now require to show Bluesign® certificate for doing business.”

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Ahasan Kabir Khan, Vice Chairman, said, “We have to spread good things more and need to stop rumoring. A renowned media like Bangladesh Textile Today can take initiatives for disseminating these issues. In fact, everybody should come forward to make Bangladesh greener.”


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