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Warm clothes sales get momentum with the down of mercury

The sale of winter clothes is on the rise with the rise of the mercury of the cold in the country. As the winter season is deepening consumers started going to the shop to buy the clothes. The retail outlets have also stored a wide variety of clothes for the customers.

The crowds are gathering in the city’s rising shopping malls.

BD Warm clothes sales get momentum
Figure 1: Consumers buying winter clothing from local brands are increasing. Courtesy: Twelve

Some leading export-oriented garment factories along with old local clothing brands have been dominating the local markets as the number of foreign retail outlets is still very low in Bangladesh.

Few types of research showed that the annual retail domestic clothing market size is nearly $15billion and it is growing nearly 15 percent year-on-year.

Bangladeshi clothing retail market is still performing in informal ways although some high-rise shopping malls have been trying to give it a good shape.

Taaga winter collection 2019
Figure 2: Taaga by Aarong introduces a selection of chef coats, long jackets and vibrant tunics to help consumers stay fashionable this season. Courtesy: Aarong

The majority of the customers are still staying in the villages and they prefer to buy their clothing items from their nearby informal markets.

However, of the amount of $15billion local clothing markets, a major share is warm clothing items meant for the winter season.

winter season warm clothes sales Bangladesh

Recently, the behavior of consumers in purchasing of warm clothes in Bangladesh also changed a lot due to changes in the weather conditions.

In Bangladesh, the winter season does not last for a long time. In the cities, especially, in Dhaka, the winter season lasts hardly for two months starting from December to January end.

However, the winter season in the rural areas starts early and lasts up to February end.

Also, the intensity of winter in the cities is not so high. As a result, the manufacturers use light fabrics as the demand for those clothing items is high among the customers.

“Sale is growing every day as the cold is growing. The sale of light warm clothes is higher than the heavy clothes because of light winter,” said Md. Junaid Abu Salay Musa, a Director of Epyllion Group, which operates the brand Sailor.

“The responses for warm clothes are high from the customers this time. We are expecting very good business this time,” said Musa.

“We are expecting more sales of warm clothes as the mercury is going down gradually. Main sales items are pure leather jackets, woven and jeans jackets, knit jackets and hoody jackets in his stores,” Junaid Abu Salay added.

Yellow winter collection 2019
Figure 3: Women’s Jacket BLACK – YELLOW winter collection. Courtesy: Yellow

With the changes in weather conditions and rising economic conditions which helped increase the disposable income of growing middle-income consumers in the country, the demand for light fabric suits has gone high during this winter season. The consumers can afford the prices of such suits items, he said.

“Currently, we have 14 outlets across the country and four more will be opened soon. Of the four, one is going to be opened this week in Dhaka. The sale of the garment is so high that his company runs 11 outlets only in Dhaka and more outlets will be opened in Dhaka soon,” he said.

Echoing with the views of Musa, Shihab Uddin, Executive, (Corporate Affairs and Branding TEAM Group) which runs the brand ‘Twelve’ said sale in his stores has been growing gradually because of lowering of temperature across the country.

TEAM Group is also expecting good business this time. His company is also going to bring more new outlets soon in Dhaka and other major divisional cities soon. Almost all the clothes are made in his factories to be stored and sold to customers.

Since the income of the people in Bangladesh has been increasing, their tastes are also changing. Especially, the export-oriented garment factories realized the potential of the business. As a result, they are also started serving the local markets. So, they are opening up new shops in the malls to grab the customers.

Previously, most of the demand for warm clothes used to be met through imports mainly from China and India. But now the demand can be met locally.

“The sale is increasing day by day with the advancing of the winter season,” said Shah Abdul Ahad, Junior Manager of Trendz, another local clothing brand. Currently, Trendz has a total of nine outlets across the country.

“Of the number, six are in Dhaka and three are outside of the capital. We have a plan to open another retail outlet at Wari in Dhaka in January as the responses from the customers are very high for our clothes,” Ahad said.

His company mainly sale pure leather jackets, normal jackets, hoodies, long-sleeve t-shirts and premium vests.

However, the sale of t-shirts in his company’s outlets is higher than other clothing items. The winter season is also a season of weddings, he said. So the sales of wedding items also go up during this season, he said.

“The sale of Punjabis is increased a lot due to wedding season,” Ahad also said.

Taaga by Aarong winter season collection’s look can be described with classic femininity and vibrancy through a spectacular range of outfits. Taaga introduces a selection of chef coats, long jackets and vibrant tunics to help consumers stay fashionable this season. The outfits come in different cuts and sleeve styles with tips on how to style each outfit.

YELLOW by BEXIMCO, is one of the trendiest fashion brands, it is mostly distinguished for its true international quality designs and fabrics. YELLOW is inspired by customers- souls full of unconventional fashion senses. It has 19 stores across Bangladesh and Pakistan and a 24/7 online store.

This year’s winter collection for men and women stylish and trendy. The collection is simply turning out to be the main center of attraction. In the men section, jackets, sweaters and t-shirts that are so fashionably designed together for the men personality.

Behind the women section, there is a complete coverage of the lady’s t-shirts and sweaters. The shirts are added to the funky taste with the print and floral work of designing done on top of it. Soft and much light form of the color flavors has been put together for the women outfits.

Also, other leading brands in Bangladesh like Amber, Sailor, Sara Lifestyle launched winter collections of different blends and mix of ethnic and western combination.

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