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10 ways to save energy in a spinning mill

Energy is one of the main cost factors in a spinning industry. There are various energy saving methods that exist in every spinning mills.

Spinning mills in Bangladesh are facing greater challenges day by day. Rising power tariff (Gas & Electricity) makes industries more vulnerable. For more than two decades, the spinning sector was flourishing based on two points:

  1. cheap labor
  2. low power cost

Now both are nullified and more challenges are waiting for the future.

compact ring spinning Hazrat Amanat Shah Spinning Mills Ltd
Figure: State-of-the-art Murata Autoconing m/c at Hazrat Amanat Shah Spinning Mills Ltd.

Power saving tricks in a spinning mill

The textile industry is one of the most energy consuming industries and it contains fragmented and heterogeneous sector such as spinning, weaving, processing etc. Energy is one of the main cost factors in a spinning industry. There are various energy saving methods that exist in every spinning mills. Here, some important ways will be discussed that can reduce power consumption significantly.

  • All main motor and suction motor of ring frame must be included inverter drive that will reduce power up to 30%.
  • Proper lubrication, good quality bearing, and driving belt can reduce power.
  • Periodic maintenance and the preventive measure will reduce power consumption substantially.
  • PFI should be corrected by changing capacitor bank timely in Sub-Station.
  • Compressor pipe leakage should be repaired promptly to reduce power consumption. The inverter may be installed in compressor also.
  • The normal light should be replaced immediately with LED light.
  • The solar panel may be used for room light and security light. The rooftop solar panel may easily install over factory shed.
  • Humidification plant is a big power consuming area. Using inverter on a trial basis may give optimum result.
  • Old, worn out equipment may consume more power that should be replaced immediately.
  • A co-generation system to be introduced to minimize operating cost of chiller and boiler.

As the spinning sector’s manufacturers are facing a competitive environment, so they tend to reduce production costs without affecting the production and quality of the product.  As the energy prices are increasing day by day, so this will lead to increase the manufacturing costs. Therefore, the saving of energy is very much important to overcome the problems. People should be more concern about power saving as every single penny is very crucial to survive in the sector.

About the Author: Aslam Parvez, Executive Director at Hazrat Amanat Shah Spinning Mills Ltd.

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