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The ways to be productive while you working from home due to coronavirus

Almost all the entire earthmen have been advised for self-isolation ‘Remain at your home. Do not go to work, school, restaurant or public areas. Separate yourself from other people. Stay in a well-ventilated room with a window to the outside that can be opened but Keep the door closed. Many areas, offices, schools have locked down and companies like JP Morgan, Twitter advised their people to work from home. In Bangladesh, some companies also have started the same practice and many companies have started planning to advise their staff to work from home.

Figure 1: Having a dedicated workplace at home with necessary gadgets, internet, tools, etc. is essential in this troubled time. Courtesy: remote-how.com

For some workers, this, of course, is not an option, but for those who might find themselves at home for an extended period, what is the best way to maximize productivity, maintain good physical and mental health, and not spend all day in a casual mood when working from home. Working from home and maintaining productivity is not an easy job and especially for those who are not habituated or experienced. Few tips may help you enhance your productivity during working from home:

  • Get a dedicated workspace: Find a dedicated workplace at home with necessary gadgets, internet, tools, stationaries, books, waste bean, water bottles, etc. It will give you an office feeling. Find a well-lighted place preferable near to the window with some indoor plants surrounded. An office with a view sounds like a recipe for mind wandering. Access to sunlight boosts productivity. Workers who sat near a window performed better, processing calls 6% to 12% faster and performing 10% to 25% better on tests that involved mental function and memory recall.
  • Distinguish between work and home mode: Do not be in casual/home mood during working from home. Do not work in your home workplace with a casual dress like pajamas, sleeping dress, etc. The casual mood does not give you a fully activated office mind. Get the proper dressed like office during work from home. The dress may not be suited, at least a smart casual dress would be ok.
  • Make a to-do list: Before starting your day make a ‘To-Do List’. For prioritizing the To-Do list, you can use ABCDE Method. Please do not be over ambitious during preparing a To-Do List. A wide, open day working from home can feel full of possibilities. 150 things on the to-do list? No problem! Do not fall into the trap of being over-ambitious. Instead, be realistic and achieve more than what you set out. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction of over achievement rather than feeling the disappointment of failure.
  • Start on time and finish on time: Be ready to start your work at the same time you normally start office and finish your work on time. Before starting to do a video call with your teammates, like a 10-15-minute start-up hurdle to explain the day plan.
  • Avoid Destruction: Put some sort of access restriction on the other home members to enter the workspace. Select the workspace in such a location that household sounds, bell sound does not destruct your work environment and concentration. Other than those of your gadgets, the internet, social media is the major source of destruction. Sometimes destruction shreds down 50% of your productivity.
  • Declutter your workplace: It may seem quite a basic tip but, how can you be more efficient if your desk is chaotic and cluttered and it takes you ages to find a ball pen or an important document? It kills your time. The global standard is finding any docs within 30 sec whether the doc is a soft or hard copy.   Decluttering your desk will help you be more efficient by keeping you away from wasting your time on the finding of items. People with neat offices are more persistent and less frustrated and weary, according to a recent study in Harvard Business Review, which found that a clean desk helps you stick with a task more than one and a half times longer. A recent study shows that the mere appearance of neatness and organization improves work performance. Specifically, the study demonstrated a 167% improvement in persistence and attention span, a 10% improvement in productivity and improved ability to control impulsive behavior. People at a cluttered workstation persevered at a difficult task for an average of 668.52 seconds before stopping. A decluttered and nit and clean workstation, people persevered at the same task for 1116.88 seconds before quitting. This is a 167% improvement in persistence. 5s Concept Can help you to declutter your workplace.
  • Take sufficient break: Take a break of 20 minutes in every 90 minutes of work. The human brain cannot work productivity more than 90 min at one stretch, it gets into the monotony mood and become tired. Take deep breaths, look out from the window, take small breaks. Work from home is mostly in Gadgets. Those who work on a gadget, there is a rule for them its call 20-20-20. For every 20 min working with the screen take a 20-sec break and focus on an object 20 feet away from you. It is an exercise for the eye which prevents eye strain.

    Figure 2: Food has a direct impact on the health and the immune system against coronavirus.
  • Drink sufficient amount water: Throughout the day, intake enough water and preferable warm water. It will hydrate your body and brain. Drinking the right amount of water can have a phenomenal impact on your well-being – and your productivity. A 2013 study conducted by the University of East London showed that drinking water can result in a 14% increase in productivity. Dehydration can take its toll on your attention span. Water is the ultimate brain food, so make sure you’re getting enough to keep it alert and focused throughout the day. Intaking Sufficient water helps you in clear thinking.  Dehydration can impact your mental health as much as your physical health, so staying hydrated is a great way to look after your brain and keep it in the best shape possible. Along with water, you can also take green tea, warm lemon water which much advised by a doctor in the Corona crisis time.
  • Do not surf news sites, newspapers, news channels throughout the day: News sites, papers and channels often broadcasting news which is mostly negative information which sinks in your nervous system and makes you negative. Especially during this current Corona crisis time, all most all the new are published are with panic and stressful information (but true information). There is a jargon in IT calls, GIGO: Garbage in -Garbage Out. What you sink in your mind comes out as output.  You can see, read the news but do not let it inside your nervous system. This sort of information makes you stressed and panic and panic make your nervous system and immune system weak (in this coronavirus time Immune system needs to be much stronger) and chronic stress ultimately leads to lower productivity.
  • Intake healthy food: Food has a direct impact on your health and immune system, and which has a direct impact on your Productivity also. Due to lock down/ shut down restaurant food, junk foods may not be available, this is your chance to rebuild the good habits of intaking healthy foods like more green vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, etc.
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