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WeaveUp and Joann partnership to digital printing textile platform

WeaveUp, a US-based software platform that enables customers to realize the potential of digital textile printing, was acquired by Joann, the country’s leader in the field of textiles and knitting.

Joann has been a client of WeaveUp since 2017. Joanne first invested in WeaveUp in 2019.

WeaveUp and Joann partnership
Figure: WeaveUp’s SaaS platform helps companies access the benefits of digital textile printing.

Nowadays companies share a common vision for the promise of digital print technology, which allows them to partner more closely with the WeaveUp team and create more value.

At the same time, WeaveUp’s SaaS platform helps companies access the benefits of digital textile printing.

Flint Davis, president of WeaveUp, said, “It’s been a great partnership from the start. The past five years have shown me that the Joann team has the vision, the commitment, and the resources to propel digitally printed textiles forward into the mainstream. This acquisition allows us to accelerate the speed of our platform development and to continue to drive innovation in the on-demand product space”.

There is a wide range of product modules such as design upload, design management, product customization, design licensing, commission management, print room automation, and hybrid rotary / digital sourcing solutions.

On the other hand, the WeaveUp platform enables rapid prototyping, sampling, and short-term production that the textile industry lacks a digitally capable future.

As well as planned enhancements include additional ways to upload and customize designs, a new, more flexible way to incorporate the platform into the website, and a new platform for companies that want to streamline and accelerate product development.

Also, Wade Miquelon, president and CEO of Joann, said, “We are excited to continue expanding Joann’s capabilities in the digital textile printing space and look forward to offering products that are printed on-demand with the best technologies available.”

They believe that WeaveUp’s powerful platform services will bring Joann’s fabric offerings into a new realm and they are proud to announce this investment, he added.


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