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What is the new initiative you have taken in your factory as well as implemented new innovation in 2019 to get 2020 as better and more prospective?

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From the beginning of 2019, the textile and apparel industry of Bangladesh is facing challenges at several stages. To get 2020 as prospective for business, many factories have taken initiative and implemented new innovations like process development to reduce overall wastage in the production, efficiency improvement, product development, product diversification and new market outreach other than the US and EU.

What is the new initiative you have taken in your factory as well as implemented new innovation in 2019 to get 2020 as better and more prospective?

Md. Shovon Islam (Shawn), Managing Director, Sparrow Group

Shovon Islam, Sparrow Group

This year we faced some order crises due to global market competition. Right now, manufacturing is being done based on long lines. So, I have completely converted all of my long lines into 11000 people that I employ in Bangladesh. All long lines have gone. I have gone into a small thing called cells and we will be able to handle small quantities because we get a lot of small orders. My complete focus is to increase the efficiency of my workers and go for more and more diversified and value-added products.

A.H.M. Habibur Rahman, Director, Paramount Textile Ltd

Habibur Rahman, Paramount Textile Ltd

Most of the buyer thinks Bangladesh means ‘cheap price cheap product’. And we have no capacity to produce the value-added fabric. This is not true. In 2016, we established a design studio with strong R&D. We produce high-quality fabrics to cope up with fashion trends. So that from 2017, we received many orders. In 2019, the overall industry is facing an order crisis but we are booked. Now for next year, we are focusing on innovation with fashion trends. In this regard, we are regularly going to international exhibitions to present our good story with the buyer.

Kiron Morshed, General Manager (Marketing & Merchandising), Shanta Industries Limited

kiron morshed, Shanta Industries Limited

Sustainably is one of the vital issues and most of the brands are working on it. Now we are focusing on the sustainable product with sustainable wash. We are waiting for the delivery of our new kit for our laundry which is due in the next few days. We have also invested in ‘Eco Finish’ technology which is a nebulization system. I think within 2025, most of the buyer requirements will be a sustainable product.

Md. Shahidul Haque Mukul, Managing Director & CEO, Adams Styles Ltd  

Shahidul Haque Mukul, Adams Styles Ltd

Day by day factory production links increasing but new factory investment is reducing. In this reality, we have to plan to increase our existing worker efficiency due to production cost is growing.  This year we are constructing LEED gold standard green factory ‘Adams Styles Ltd’.

Md. Abul Hossain, Managing Director, Sheema Fashion

Abul Hossain, Sheema Fashion

Most of the RMG factories are doing huge investments for increasing capacity. So that they are facing an order crisis. We are investing in value addition, not for increasing capacity. We are doing a value-added product like Jeans and kidswear. Now we are sourcing a small number of orders with value addition. Besides, we invested in human capital to increase their efficiency. Our main target is customer satisfaction with delivering good quality products.

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