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What will be the “denim trend of 2019”?

2018 is almost over, so it only makes sense to start the new year with denim trends that you will actually want to wear more than once. Analyzing the company’s strategy for 2019, it is seen that all are focusing on green denim products. Based on denim fairs all over the world like King Pins, Bangladesh Denim Expo etc. I am going to give you a comprehensive idea about what will be the 2019 denim trends!

Denim Trend 2019

Key trends of 2019

1. Raw material and process sustainability

Sustainability is still the key message from the show. Very high-end supplier to competitive one everyone is offering the sustainable product in terms of Sustainable Raw material or the process.

  • Recycled or upcycled of cotton
  • Recycle polyester. Mainly Repreve by Unifi
  • Refibra (Tencel with upcycled cotton scrap) by Lenzing
  • Kitotex Vegal (sustainable sizing Materials) from Candiani Denim
  • Relast Stretch (recycle elastane from ROICA, Japan) by Candiani
  • HYPNO (PP and Hypochlorite replacement bleach replacement) from Rudolf
  • Laser Friendly Fabric by ORTA, Candiani
  • Sustainable Method of dyeing by water and energy savings.
  • Stitch and ship (No wash) concept from Neela Denim
  • 5 Zero concepts from Jenologia (No manual scraping and grinding, bleach, PP spray, Stone, discharge)
  • Earth color and Advance denim dyeing from Archroma.

2. Sustainability combines with functionality

This is one of the uprising concepts, how sustainability club with Functionality and give the customer more comfort.

Denim Trend 2019

  • Fibre Dyed Modal from Lenzing with TrueTone recycle Polyester, which gives a Forever color concept. At this moment supplier like Naveena, Cone is mainly showing the Black color. But another color also can be done. Lenzing is providing nine colors at this moment. Fibre dyed modal and True Tone polyester both are claimed to be sustainable due no dyeing required in post process as well as polyester is recycle. And Modal production is also done by the sustainable process.
  • Eco Made Cool max and thermolite.
  • True Tem365, Tru Dry, Tru Touch, Tru Colo by Unifi from Recycled polyester.
  • Tru Touch polyester is a cotton hand feel filament polyester, which hand feel is really good in Unifi sample.

3. Selvedge denim

It seems selvedge denim trend reborn once again. Lots of suppliers (kurabo, Cone, Tatfung, Arvind, Artistic, Candiani etc.) showing selvedge.

Denim trend 2019


And it has been mixed with modern denim concept like stay blue, stretch, sustainable etc. and with a different construction of Rigid and stretch.

4. Color denim

Once again after a slow trend, lots of suppliers showing color denim in garment dyed form, as well as Sulphur/indigo look reactive yarn dyed. Foison and Bossa show a wide range of PFD for garment dyeing with different fiber blend. Arvind shows their Sorbet concept to have yarn dyed look by PFD garment dyed. And Kurab shows their Prime blue concept where fabric can piece dyed but will end of with yarn dyed look.

Denim Trend 2019

5. Tencel and Modal blend soft handle denim

Along with ladies wear soft denim, suppliers are showing men’s heavier wt soft handle denim, which is blended with Tencel and modal.

Denim Trend 2019

6. Printed denim

Printed denim started slowly picking up once again, stared with stripe denim. Mill like Foison, Tatfung, and Kipas showed a good collection and print. But more subtle in design and color.

Denim Trend 2019


7. Dobby inspired denim for tops and jackets

Lots of dobby inspired denim has been shown for Tops and Jackets along with lightweight twill and chambray. Arvind, Prospeirity, Tatfung, Neela, Kipas etc is very good at it. And the same concept develop with Indigo in both warp and weft has given and nice Japanese trend in it.

8. Vintage salt and pepper looks still running with some lower note

Vintage salt and pepper looks continue with a modern denim modification like the softer handle, sustainable dyeing process, and high stretch.

9. Functionality in Denim’s continues

Arvind and Vita have shown Graphene denim as a very new concept which is still under development process, as still test data to be validated.

Cone and Unifi show a wider variety of functional denim yarn with a sustainable concept.

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